Group Therapy [image]

“Group Therapy.” 12/8/12. Colored pencil. Ink outline. 5½x4¼”.

While in rehab last year, I drew a cartoon for a Christmas card to send my friends. It’s me and Santa hanging out with The Devil, Borderline Personality Disorder, an undefined higher power, a Disney-fied syringe full of heroin, myself at age four, an identity issue monster, and two girls that I’m either in love with, trying to fuck, or just looking to get some kind of self-esteem bump out of.

Featured in my blog entry for October 30th, 2013.

2 thoughts on “Group Therapy [image]”

  1. Hey Sam, I wasn’t their but I can imagine! Funny. From what I’ve read so far, seems like you’re doing good. I’m sincerely glad to hear it. Curious about the drawing “Chrissy’s Fit”, but not really. I really appreciate your artwork. Oh, am I the monster in “single purpose”? That’s how I felt! All the Best to you my rehab Brother. Julie OM

    1. Julie!

      Of course you’re not the monster! You were only my SWORN ENEMY for the brief period around that one car ride (you know the one!) ; )

      I think that one story is told more fully in the entry for “Clarity” and it’s definitely expanded on through all of the entries tagged “12/13/14.”

      The only part I may have never *explicitly* acknowledged is that I actually tried to do exactly what’s described step-by-step in the cartoon… Which is – you know – not quite a serious attempt at real life-ending self-harm but definitely an indication of the pain I felt in that moment. I’m doing much better these days though! And while that wasn’t my lowest “bottom” by a long shot, it was the one that I needed to finally get moving in the right direction for real. In that way, it was a lot like my “early dismissal” from Tranquil Shores before I came back – both seemed like setbacks but ultimately proved to be catalysts for real change/progress.

      I was really excited when I heard you were gonna be the reunion… Maybe next year though?

      Thank you for all the kind words – I really hope you’re doing well too. : )


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