Sammy thrashLife Goes to Springfield [image]

“Sammy thrashLife Goes to Springfield.” 1/15/15. Acrylic and spray paints. 12×12″.

Just a dumb little cartoon painting that I made as part of a “game” with another artist where we imitated each others’ styles. All of his shit is just cartoons and quotes from TV shows or whatever, with swirly spray paint backgrounds. I figured if I was gonna take something from a cartoon, it’d have to be The Simpsons. I thought of my favorite quote from the show (which is the text that you see in the piece). Problem is that it’s a quote from Moe the bartender – and I wasn’t at all excited to paint Moe (or any character other than Bart probably). So I decided instead to paint myself as a Simpsons character. It’s barely what I’d consider “art” but I’m happy with it for what it is.

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