To download your mp3s, choose the title you purchased and enter the code that came packaged with your record. If you don't already own a record and would like to buy mp3s, you can find all our releases on iTunes (w/ digital booklets), Amazon MP3 (DRM-free), and just about every other download store on the internet.

If you have a problem using your download code, please contact: matt[at]upthepunx[dot]us
If you purchased a record and are missing your download code, please contact: trafficstreet[at]gmail[dot]com

Traffic Street Downloads

TSt-001 V/A - Dangerous Intersections 7"

TSt-002 Unwelcome Guests / Saint Sweetheart - Split 7"

TSt-003 Turkish Techno / Troublemake - Split 7"

TSt-004 Rumspringer 10" EP

TSt-005 The Side Project - Get a New Brain 7"

TSt-006 V/A - Dangerous Intersections II 7"

TSt-007 The Brokedowns / Turkish Techno - Split 7"

TSt-008 Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow - Split 7"

TSt-009 V/A - Dangerous Intersections III 7"

TSt-010 Rumspringer / Sleep Like a Log - Split 7"

TSt-012 V/A Dangerous Intersections IV 7"

TSt-013 Apocalypse Meow / Rational Anthem - Split 7"

TSt-014 Rational Anthem / Strait A's - Use Your Delusion I 7"

TSt-015 V/A - Dangerous Intersections V 7"

TSt-017 Like Bats - s/t CDEP

TSt-018 The Brokedowns - New Brains for Everyone LP

TSt-019 Like Bats - Look on the Bright Side 7"

TSt-020 New Creases - About Last Night... 7"

TSt-021 V/A - Dangerous Intersections VI 7"

TSt-022 Vacation Bible School / The God Damn Doo Wop Band - Covered 7"

TSt-023 The Transgressions / The Side Project - Stop Wasting My Time 7"

TSt-024 House Boat - Processing Complaints 7"

TSt-025 Rumspringer - Empty Towers CD/LP

TSt-026 Rational Anthem / Billy Raygun - Split 7"

TSt-027 The Credentials - Routines CD/LP

TSt-028 Dead Mechanical - Addict Rhythms CD/LP

TSt-029 Jonesin' - The Dream is Dead 7"

TSt-030 V/A - Dangerous Intersections VII 7"

TSt-031 The Transgressions / The Credentials - Split 7"

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