International Distributors
Different Kitchen (United Kingdom)
Eager Beaver (Tokushima, Japan)
Hyper Enough (Mie, Japan)
Recordshop Base (Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Snuffy Smiles (Kyoto, Japan)
SP Records (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Yo-Yo Records (Germany)

Amen and the Hell Yeahs [myspace]
Andrew Jackson Jihad [myspace]
Apocalypse Meow [myspace]
Billy Raygun [myspace]
The Brokedowns [myspace]
The Credentials [myspace]
Dead Mechanical [myspace]
The God Damn Doo Wop Band [myspace]
House Boat [myspace]
Jonesin' [myspace]
Like Bats [myspace]
New Creases [myspace]
No High Fives to Bullshit [myspace]
Rational Anthem [myspace]
Rumspringer [myspace]
The Side Project [myspace]
Sundials [myspace]
The Transgressions [myspace]
Troublemake [myspace]
Turkish Techno [myspace]
Unwelcome Guests [myspace]
Vacation Bible School [myspace]

Banner Pilot [myspace]
Barrakuda McMurder [myspace]
Basement Black [myspace]
Dear Landlord [myspace]
The Dopamines [myspace]
The Humanoids [myspace]
Iron Chic [myspace]
The Manix [myspace]
The Measure [SA] [myspace]
Shang-a-Lang [myspace]
Sleep Like a Log [myspace]
The Slow Death [myspace]
Snuggle! [myspace]
Sundowners [myspace]
The Taxpayers [myspace]
Todd Congelliere [myspace]
The Unlovables [myspace]
Vacation [myspace]

Labels and Distributors
Art of the Underground
Dead Broke
Dirt Cult
Dischord Direct
Evil Weevil
Fast Crowd
Gruff Beard [myspace]
Hip Kid [myspace]
The Independent Label Collective
It's Alive!
John Wilkes Booth
Kiss of Death
Muy Autentico
No Idea
Toxic Pop
Underground Communique

Bird of Prey
Black & Red Eye
Cats Will Eat You
The Frowning of a Lifetime
Gord's Art
If You Make It [myspace]
Mitch Clem [myspace]
Monster Zero Design