You're not reading this because Traffic Street is "back," but because (1) I have a web domain now, (2) I want the release info up just as a reference, (3) I figured it'd be fun to play time traveler and look at some of the news updates as I fell apart.

Go download the new Rational Anthem full-length. It's really great.

House Boat records are on the way. I know it's taken way longer than promised, but I have seen the receipt for them from the plant and can say definitively that they're due at Kiss of Death headquarters in a week or so. Remember though that KoD have inherited a huge mess from me and that it will take them a while to sort out the hundreds of orders left in the wake of my failure. Thanks for your continued patience and understanding.

Sorry for the unresponsiveness lately. Traffic Street Records is no longer in the business of distribution or mailorder. All inventory - and all outstanding orders - are being transferred to our friends at Kiss of Death Records, who will be taking care of everyone who has ordered something from Traffic Street and not yet received it (this includes all House Boat pre-orders). With The Fest coming up at the end of the week, they're pretty busy right now, but they're infinitely more capable than Traffic Street when it comes to getting things mailed out and taking care of customers, so I have total faith that they'll get everything sorted out.

To those of you who have written me and not yet received a response, know that I didn't consciously ignore anybody; I just haven't logged in to my email in longer than I can remember. Long story short, my life's all fucked up and I'm no longer capable of running a label. But rest assured that all will be made right thanks to the crew at Kiss of Death Records. If you've placed an order with Traffic Street, it will be forwarded to them, but if you'd like to contact them directly, you're welcome to do that as well. Please go easy on them though, as they've got a ton to catch up on, thanks to my failure to do anything at all.

To anyone who still needs to get in touch with me, it's unlikely that I'll be back online anytime in the near future, so email is pretty futile. Sorry for everything and thanks for your patience and understanding.

I'll let you know if anything changes. Until then, thanks to everyone for all of your support, especially in this extremely difficult, trying period of my life. If it weren't for the friendships that I made through Traffic Street (whether in person or online), I can only guess how much worse everything would be right now. To those of you who don't know me and just simply placed an order for a record that has yet to come, know that I'm really, truly sorry and regret any frustration I may have caused. Just know that people are still working to catch up on everything and make things right.

In California for Awesome Fest until next Tuesday. Though 90% or so are already on their way, I still haven't finished packing/mailing all of the House Boat CD pre-orders, so the rest will have to wait until I get back to Florida. As for the LPs, it looks like they'll be ready to ship out in time for the September 31st release date - and maybe even a little bit sooner.

Nothing else for now. Expect a distro update within the week though. I've got a pretty fair amount of new stuff ready to go on sale, so keep your eyes peeled for some cool new stuff.

The new full-length from House Boat, "The Thorns of Life," is now available for purchase. Check out the releases page for more info!

What a glorious day. I just finished setting up everything at the brand new Traffic Street world headquarters here in sunny Sarasota, Florida so I'm finally ready to get everything moving again. If you've tried to contact me by email, Facebook, or anything else like that, chances are I've yet to get your message. And since I've got 1,635 emails to go through right now, there's a good chance that it will take me a very long time to respond to all of them. With that in mind, if one of those emails is yours, it might not be a bad idea to send me another one now so that you jump up to the top of the pile.

Oh, and this also means that you can start placing orders again through the Traffic Street website.

That should about cover it.

Hey, everybody. Sorry for the lack of updates. We've still got a few orders to catch up on over here (which we will get shipped in the next two days) so if you've got something you haven't received yet, don't sweat it. I promise it's coming soon.

More importantly though, having finished law school this month, and being that I can't stand to live in DC, Traffic Street is relocating to Sarasota, FL for what'll probably be at least a couple of years. You know what that means, right? For the first time ever, I'm going to ask that NOBODY BUY ANYTHING FROM ME. I mean, unless you don't mind waiting three or four weeks to get your stuff. Aside from the move, a lot of other shit is going on right now that's taking me out of town, so it won't be until mid-June that I'm resettled and ready to start mailing out orders again.

On another note, I know things were really slow moving in April and May and I really appreciate all of your patience and the continued support. I'm pretty sure that once I get to Florida, it'll be back to business as usual for us (i.e. no more delays). Cooooool. You guys (and girls) are the best.

Final exams in my final semester of law school have officially begun. As I've indicated before, I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues over the course of these last six months or so. About two weeks ago, I finally began dealing with the main issue in a positive and productive way and, for a moment, it seemed like things would finally come together and get back on track. Last Wednesday, something happened that has tremendously impacted my life in the present and that has forever changed all of my plans for the future and the way that I had envisioned my life playing out. It has not been a change for the better and it has made concentrating on studying nearly impossible. The dual stresses of dealing with these events/issues and preparing for my final exams is such that I cannot spend very much time on Traffic Street until May 19th. If I don't spend every moment possible studying, there's a significant chance that I will not graduate as planned, and the circumstances are such that if I fail to graduate this term, I may not be permitted to continue, and consequently will have spent three years and nearly one hundred thousand dollars toward earning a degree that I will never receive. I will try and take a little bit of time every couple of days to ship out any orders that are placed, but I will not be able to respond to any emails or other messages that are sent in or deal with anything other than packing and shipping out orders. If you need to contact me or have any questions about an order, please wait to contact me until May 19th.

On Thursday afternoon, I decided rather abruptly that I wanted to do a Traffic Street podcast. This first episode features new music (including a few never before heard tracks from upcoming albums) by Vacation, The Credentials, Unfun, Strait A's, The New Warden, Turkish Techno, Backpocket, White Wires, Hunchback, Off With Their Heads, The Potential Johns, Unwelcome Guests, Rational Anthem, The Manix, Boilerman, The Transgressions, No High Fives to Bullshit, The Brokedowns, and an oldie from Bent Outta Shape. Download episode #001 from Mediafire and then send me an email to let me know what you think.

Anyway, I recorded it on Thursday when the impulse first hit, but was feeling self-conscious and wasn't sure if I wanted to post it at all. I didn't like the way my voice sounded, I didn't think the things I had to say were interesting -you know... the usual self-doubt stuff. But I decided this morning to throw caution to the wind and just post it. I did my best to get all of the levels right between the speaking parts and all of the different songs, but I didn't have headphones on me to test the volume with anything other than my computer's built-in speaker, so there's a chance it could use some adjusting. Anyway, if I do decide to make the podcast a regular thing, I'll get an RSS feed going and submit it to iTunes, but for now, I've just got the first episode available for download through Mediafire. The episode is a 55.9 MB 128 kbps mp3. Aside from basic feedback, let me know what you think about the sound quality and the levels. Is the talking or the music too loud or too quiet? Are the various songs relatively consistent volume-wise? Should the whole thing be recorded at a higher bitrate for better sound quality? Whatever you think I need to know, shoot me an email and fill me in.

Pretty busy getting ready for my last round of final exams before I graduate from law school. All we've got for you today is a new t-shirt from Mixtapes. Check out the Distro or the Merch page to grab one before we're sold out in your size.

Got a few more new records in the distro today. Two classic LPs are back in print, Toys That Kill's The Citizen Abortion and Small Brown Bike's Our Own Wars. Also, after six years of being available on CD, Hot New Mexicans' full-length album, It's Called Leaning Back has finally been pressed on vinyl, courtesy of Salinas Records.

In the 7-inch department, we've got a new EP from Career Suicide called Cherry Beach, which has got two re-recorded tracks from their UK/Ireland 2008 tour single, plus two new songs. And we've also got a new four song collaboration from Chris Wollard and Addison Burns, pressed on a 7-inch with a screenprinted cover by No Idea. Check 'em out...

Traffic Street is now handling US distribution for a new label in the United Kingdom that some of you may already be familiar with, Drunken Sailor Records. We got our first shipment in from them today, which included brand new 7-inches from Unfun, Tiltwheel, and The Magnificent. Those are all now available in the distro, along with Young Leaves' debut LP, Life Underneath, which we're expecting to arrive in another shipment tomorrow afternoon. We're super excited about this new arrangement and to have the opportunity to make these awesome records available to you without the cost of overseas postage.

There's some other new stuff in the distro too, like Too Many Dave's Weekend at Dave's on CD and LP, the new split 7-inch from Unfun and Stymie, Mixtapes' A Short Collection of Short Songs 7-inch, a new cassette from St. Dad (the first release from Sad Rad Records, founded by Peyton, who plays guitar in one of my favorite bands, Vacation), a discography cassette from Danger Death Ray (released by Tiger Force Ultra, founded by ubiquitous illustrator Keith Rosson), Abolitionist's At the Level of the Ear 7-inch, Timeshares' debut CDEP and new CDEPs from High School and Derailer, as well as a bunch of Asian Man stuff like Matt Skiba's Demos, Andrew Jackson Jihad's Candy Cigarettes, Capguns, Issue Problems!, and Such, The Queers' Back to the Basement, and Sundowner's We Chase the Waves -all of which are available on CD and LP (except We Chase the Waves, which we only have on LP). Go get 'em!

A few new records in the distro today courtesy of Let's Pretend Records. In the 7-inch department, we've got Vacation's Dream Dad (which is undeniably one of the best EPs of 2010 and a record that everyone must own) and a split EP from Liarbirds and Brickfight. In addition to those, we've got New Creases' debut EP, reissued on cassette tape, plus the debut LP from Georgia's very own Dead Dog - sure to be enjoyed by fans of Jack Palance Band, Hidden Spots, Future Virgins, and any and all things Chattanooga.

I forgot to mention earlier that when you pre-order Bread Line by Rational Anthem, you'll also be entered in a raffle to win a copy of the record from the test pressing. The record's release date is Tuesday, which means that only four days remain before the pre-order ends, the records start shipping out, and the prices for the various package deals go up to more normal rates.

As those of you that subscribe to our newsletter (or that just vigilantly watch the site) already know, we posted the pre-order for Rational Anthem's Bread Line EP last night. As part of that, we're running a super cheap special package deal that's limited to the first ten buyers and there are still a few left. As long as that option remains on the Releases page, it's still valid, so don't worry about whether or not you're in the first ten because I'll be taking it down once we hit that number. In any case, even after it sells out, the package will still be available -just at a slightly higher price, which is still a hell of a deal. Like I said, check out the Releases page of the website for more info and for pictures of all of the cool merch that's included.

We've also got a bunch of new releases in the distro, courtesy of everyone's favorite pop punk upstart, Max North. The new stuff includes 7-inches from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (also on CD), Arms Aloft / The Manix, Unwelcome Guests / The 255's, Wax Phantom / Criminal Culture; LPs from Chixdiggit, P.S. Eliot, Screeching Weasel (also on CD), Most Precious Blood, and Mall'd to Death; plus a split cassette from Rad Company and Ships in Masses. Restocks include 7-inches from Bloodbath and Beyond, Mean Jeans, Snuggle / No High Fives to Bullshit, Bridge & Tunnel, and Shorebirds, as well as the Marked Men's s/t LP.

Sorry for the general lack of updates lately. Things are still moving along, albeit slowly. The Sundials pre-orders have all shipped out (with the exception of those that included t-shirts because of a delay on the shirt order). Even those should all be out the door and on their way by the week's end though. Sorry for the long wait.

Over the course of the last few days, we've added a ton of new stuff to the distro. In all, there are about 50 new records. You can hunt 'em all down by scrolling through the distro page or - if you'd rather- you can go check this post on the PPMB, where you'll find a complete list of the updates.

Giant thanks are due to my little brother, Max, without whom this update wouldn't have happened until who knows when. He's been over here the last few days and has been incredibly patient, quick, and helpful in every way possible. I am insanely lucky to have gotten such an awesome person for a brother.

Fingers crossed for a more active March than February. Remember when news updates around here were almost daily?

I know the distro's been lacking in new audio clips lately, so I just went and added about 40 new full-song streams. Want to give either of those new records I added earlier today a chance but want to hear a song first? Well now you can! We've got songs streaming from Unfun, The Taxpayers, Dead To Me, Big Soda, Big Eyes, The Arrivals, White Wires, and lots, lots more. Go give 'em a listen.

Two more excellent additions to the distro today: the new full-lengths from Unfun and The Taxpayers. Sick Outside View is now available on LP, while To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal is now in stock on cassette (though we've still also got copies on CD). Both are highly recommended and relatively inexpensive, so go pick 'em up!

Just added a few new records to the distro. New 7-inches from Big Eyes (Cheeky, ANS, Hellhole) and Black Wine (The Ergs!, Hunchback, Backpocket, Psyched to Die) and new LPs from Byrds of Paradise (Dustheads, Mongoloids), Mind Spiders (Marked Men, High Tension Wires), and Sex Robots.

Head over to the releases page to pre-order your copy of Sundials' debut full-length, Never Settle, on CD or LP. Or better yet, pick it up on both formats along with a shirt, sticker, pin, and poster for just $19.99.

Traffic Street's opted out of splitting the LP release with Toxic Pop Records for Sundials' debut full-length, but we're still doing handling the CDs and have just added the artwork and tracklisting to the releases page. It should be ready for a February release, so keep an eye out.

In other news, production on the new EP from Rational Anthem as well as the new full-length from House Boat is chugging along so be sure to check back soon for more info on those as well.

Lots of new stuff added to the distro:

Against Me! - High Pressure Low 7"
Agatha - Nothing is Static 7"
Agatha - Panic Attack CDEP
The Arrivals - Razorcake Sister Series 7"
Banner Pilot - Collapser CD/LP
Be My Doppelganger - No Composure CD/LP
Blockhead - I'll Leave This Behind CD
Bomb the Music Industry! - Everybody That You Love 7"
Byrds of Paradise - Omega Man 7"
Capital - Homefront LP
Capital - Signal Corps LP
Captain, We're Sinking / Timeshares - Split 7"
Cheap Girls / Above Them - Split 7"
Cheeky - Choke on a Cheeseburger 7"
Chin Up, Meriwether! - Fruition LP
Chinese Telephones / Dear Landlord - Split 7"
The Creeps - Follow You Home 7"
Dead to Me - Little Brother 12" EP
Dead to Me - Wait For It... Wait For It! 7"
Defect Defect / Your Pest Band / Groaning Groove - Puke and Destroy 7"
Dirty Tactics / Bangers - Split 7"
Doomhawk - s/t LP
Fear of Lipstick - s/t CD/LP
The Gamits - Parts CD/LP
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today LP
The Holy Mountain - Diapers Full CS
Homeowners - Light and Vision 7"
Honor System - Demo Tape 7"
Hot Water Music - Forever and Counting LP
How Dare You / Just Panic - Split 7"
Hunchback - Werse Houses 7"
Lemuria - Chautauqua County 7"
Lemuria - Pebble CD/LP
Lightnin' Round - 2010 CDEP
Little League / Senders / Small Talk / Backpocket - Forget Me Not 7"
Madison Bloodbath / Calvinball - Split 7"
The Manix - Van Activities CDEP
Marken Men - s/t CD
The New Warden - Up On Moody CDEP
NOFX / The Spits - Split 7"
Pixies - Come On, Pilgrim LP
Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels / 24 Inch Pythons - Split 7"
Red City Radio / The Great St. Louis - Split 7"
RVIVR - s/t LP
The Scare / OK Pilot - Split 7"
Shogana - #1 zine
Shorebirds - It's Gonna Get Ugly CD/LP
Sloane Peterson - Art of the Underground Single 7"
Sloane Peterson - Second Chances 7"
Smoke or Fire - The Speakeasy CD/LP
Statues - Holiday Cops LP
Strait A's - You Make A Better Door Than A Girlfriend CDEP
The Taxpayers - To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal CD
Teenage Softies / Stolen Parts - Split 7"
Tiltwheel - Battle Hymns For the Recluse Youth LP+CD
Tragedy - Nerve Damage LP
Tragedy - Vengeance LP
V/A - Art of the Underground Single Series Year Five Boxset 12x7"

Had some pretty serious issues this last week. As a result, I've fallen behind again. All the gears are still turning, but recent orders are taking longer to process and ship than usual. You guys are the best friends and customers that a shitty punk label could ask for and your ongoing support (and patience in times like this) means the world to me. I seriously can't begin to thank all of you enough.

On a more positive note, I was just out in Indiana with House Boat as they recorded their new full-length and the record sounds awesome. The band and I can't wait to share it with all of you. Sixteen songs were recorded in all and I think everyone's going to be really impressed with just how great they are. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a release date to be announced pretty shortly.

Just added the new CD from The Challenged to the distro.

Rational Anthem just finished recording a new 7-inch EP, which will be out in March.

Our 32nd release is out now. Check out the releases page for all of the info on Barraukuda McMurder's More Songs About Girlfriends and Volcanoes 3-inch minidisc CDEP.

We've also got a new t-shirt from Vacation in the merch section.

In other news, we're still working on some new records, but none of them will be out before the year's end. You can look forward to the following though:
Sundials - Never Settle CD/LP
The Brokedowns / Vacation Bible School - Split 7"
A new full-length from House Boat
V/A - Dangerous Intersections VIII 7"
A new full-length from The Humanoids
And something new from Unwelcome Guests.

Remember when I said that I had a big distro update coming soon? Not to even mention restocks, all of this stuff is now available:

Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose LP
Against Me! - White Crosses CD/LP
Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind of Cadwallader LP
The Arrivals - Volatile Molotov CD/LP
Black Wine - Art of the Underground 7"
Boilerman - Bright Young Things CDEP
Bridge & Tunnel - s/t 7"
Bridge & Tunnel / Young Livers - Split 7"
Broadway Calls - Call the Medic CDEP
Cheap Girls - My Roaring 20s LP
Chuck Ragan / Anderson Family - Split 9"
Combatwoundedveteran - I Know a Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos LP
Cometbus, Aaron - Despite Everything book
Cometbus, Aaron - Double Duce book
Cometbus, Aaron - I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit book
Cometbus, Aaron - Mixed Reviews book
Cometbus - #47 (Lanky) zine
Complaints - Wanna Be Bored 7"
The Cute Lepers - You Don't Have to Belong to the Religious Right 7"
Dag Nasty - Dag With Shawn LP
Daggermouth - Stallone CD
Daggermouth - Turf Wars CD
A Day in Black and White / Black Castle - Split CDEP
Decades - Numbered CD
Decades - Shelter From the Swarm 7"
Defiance, Ohio - Share What Ya Got CD/LP
Dolarhyde - s/t CD/LP
Dynamite Arrows - Running From the Beast CS
Elliot Smith - Needle in the Hay 7"
Fellow Project / Go Sell Drugs - Split 7"
The Flatliners - Monumental 7"
The Fleshies - Brown Flag CD+LP
Forgetters - s/t 2x7"
Full of Fancy - Art of the Underground 7"
F.Y.P - Dance My Dunce CD
Go Sell Drugs / The Gusto - Split 7"
The God Damn Doo Wop Band - Broken Hearts CD
Grabass Charlestons - The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd CD/LP
Hello Shitty People - s/t LP
Hidden Spots - Hundred Million Voices LP
Hot Water Music - Finding the Rhythms LP
Hot Water Music - Fuel For the Hate Game LP
Hot Water Music - Live in Chicago #4 7"
Hot Water Music - No Division LP
How Do We Jump This High? - Deep Stationary CS
I Hate Myself - Ten Songs LP
I Hate Myself - Three Songs LP
Jeff Cunningham - Songs Stuck in My Teeth CD
Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation - Split 7"
Laura Stevenson & the Cans - Holy Ghost! 7"
The Lawrence Arms - Apathy and Exhaustion LP
Lifetime - s/t LP
Low Sky - Led Zeppelin House Show CS
Marked Men - s/t LP
Marvin Berry and the New Sound - No More Hell 7"
Mean Jeans / White Wires - Split 7"
The Measure (SA) - Notes CD/LP
The Measure (SA) / New Bruises - Split 7"
The New Dress / Detournement - Split CS
No Roses - Hell or High Water CDEP
Nobunny - First Blood CD/LP
Nobunny - Love Visions CD/LP
None More Black - Icons LP
Off With Their Heads - In Desolation LP
Pine Hill Haints - Black Casket 7"
Pink Houses - s/t LP
Red and Blue / Traffic and Weather - Split LP
Reviver - Potential Wasteland CDEP
The Riot Before - Rebellion LP
Rocket From the Crypt / The Get Up Kids - Split 7"
Rust Belt Lights - Long Gone CDEP
Samiam - Orphan Works 2xLP
Screaming Females - Baby Teeth CD
Screaming Females - Castle Talk CD/LP
Sea of Thousand - Church of Total Collapse CDEP
Senders / Wavelets - Split 7"
Shores - Coup de Grace LP
Stymie - Art of the Underground 7"
The Thermals - Fuckin' A LP
This is Hell - s/t CD/LP
Thousandaires - Land Seal CDEP/7"
Todd Congelliere - Clown Sounds LP
Todd Congelliere - Clown Sounds + Clown Frown CD
Toys That Kill - Flys CDEP
Toys That Kill - Shanked! CD/LP
Toys That Kill / The Fleshies - Split 7"
Turkish Techno - s/t 2x7"
Underground Railroad to Candyland - Bird Roughs CD
VRGNS - Manimals CD/LP
VRGNS - No Longer Entertainment 7"
The Weakerthans - Left & Leaving LP
Whiskey & Co. - Rust Colors LP
Wipers - Youth of America LP

As most of you know, Traffic Street is a one person operation. Unfortunately, that means that if I run into problems, there's no one around to pick up the slack - and that's what's happening right now. My life is a total wreck and I'm having trouble doing just about anything. How's this affect Traffic Street? I'm going to have to slow down on new releases. Just about everything that we've got planned is still going to be happening and most of it is still going to be on schedule, but some things may take a little longer than usual and some might be picked up by other labels. So far as the day-to-day is concerned, I'm going to be relocating my entire inventory to a friend's house so that he can handle the daily stuff like mailorder until I'm able to pull myself together. On a brighter note, I've got boxes upon boxes of new stuff to be added to the distro, so as soon as I can muster up the energy, there's going to be a really, really significant distro update. Seriously... I've got something like $3,000 worth of new stuff that's ready to go up anytime. I'm hoping to make it all available by sometime early next week. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's support so far. Here's to shit panning out and Traffic Street being full steam ahead as soon as possible.

Been super busy lately... here's what's going on...

Another new release is finished and ready for purchase. Hit up the releases page to pick up the new split 7-inch from The Transgressions and The Credentials.

We've also got some new stuff in the distro. From Moonquake, we've got CDEPs from Billy Raygun and Unfun. From Freedom School, we've got 7-inch EPs from Wild America and P.S. Eliot. From ADD, we've got the new Tiltwheel full-length on CD and LP, as well as the new Anchor full-length on CD. From Evil Weevil, we've got the new 7-inch EP from Big Soda, as well as restocks on 7-inch EPs from Big Eyes and Everyone Everywhere. Also coming soon (maybe later today?) we'll have new 7-inches from The Closet Fairies and The Maine Coons (which is ex-Closet Fairies), plus new t-shirts from Teenage Softies (which is Mark from Monikers' new band). I wish we had Teenage Softies tapes too, but hopefully you picked one up back when we did or else grabbed one from them on their recent tour. For those not yet in the know, check 'em out if you get into bands like No High Fives to Bullshit, The Credentials, Unfun, or Sunnyside.

Oh -and how could I forget? The second pressing of Like Bats' Look on the Bright Side 7-inch is finally available. 560 copies on clear purple vinyl. Pick it up if you missed out on round one.

I might as well mention some other stuff that we've got in the works... the Sundials CD/LP is still coming along, but in the meantime, we're releasing Barrakuda McMurder's More Songs About Girlfriends and Volcanoes on 3-inch mini CD. If you think that sounds kind of stupid, you are correct. For those familiar with the original download-only version, take comfort in knowing that we've got new artwork and will not be including the final (fourth) song on the physical release.

More soon...

Distro additions: the new split 7" from Blotto and Hard Skin, both Hot Toddies full-lengths on CD, and the most recent Hot Toddies full-length (Get Your Heart On) on LP.

The seventh installment in the Dangerous Intersections series just got dropped off at my front door and is now ready for sale! I'll be busy as hell sitting here putting 'em all together and shipping 'em all out, but before I disappear from the interwebs for the rest of the day, I just had to comment that these are probably the coolest vinyl colors I've gotten so far. Very rarely do I het exactly what I ask for, but the plant really came through on this one. There are 60 copies on "exhaust", which is a clear record with a black, smoky haze. Then of course there's standard black (I've got 335 of those). In the middle (somewhere around 150 -I haven't counted yet) is an opaque orange color that I'm not sure what to call yet. Either way, they've got black and yellow labels and they all look great!

For those curious as to when the new Dangerous Intersections 7" will be available... The records are scheduled to arrive here on Wednesday so they'll begin shipping then (whether I put up a PayPal button ahead of time or not). You can get it even sooner than that though if you're in the right part of the country... New Creases and Vacation (who are currently on tour together) will have copies available beginning with their show in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. You can also get the record from The Transgressions or Billy Raygun when those two bands play together in New Hampshire on Friday, October 15th. And that just so happens to also be the day before the record release show in Boston for The Transgressions' split 7" with The Credentials. Details for that show (as well as the rest of the dates on The Transgressions massive three-month tour) can be found here.

Oh yeah -and on another note, I forgot to make an announcement the other day that the second pressing of New Creases' About Last Night... 7-inch has come in (and just in the nick of time)! I'm absolutely cleaned out of all the first press copies (which were on black, white, and clear) but now I've got plenty of excellent looking records on two new colors! There are 230 on clear green and another 340 on dirty blonde. In case you're wondering, it's a really cool variant that's not clear or marbled -it's solid but translucent and just a little bit darker than s standard/lemon kind of yellow.

Pre-order is now up for the split 7" from The Transgressions and The Credentials.

New in the distro: Tenement's False Teeth 7" and a bunch of other stuff from Rock Bottom Records (like the J Church / Off With Their Heads split 7").

It looks like I dropped the ball on that whole "distro update coming tomorrow" thing, huh? Anyway, it's all up now -here's what we've got:

Defect Defect - s/t LP (Residue)
Glue! - s/t 7" (Rumbletowne)
Hot New Mexicans - It's Called Leaning Back CD (Salinas)
Iron Chic - Not Like This CD (86'd)
One Reason / The Because - Split 7" (Salinas)
RVIVR - s/t LP (Rumbletowne)
Shang-a-Lang - Collection CD / LP (Silver Sprocket)
Shang-a-Lang - Summertime 7" (Let's Pretend)
Shang-a-Lang / Brickfight - Split 7" (Silver Sprocket)
Shorebirds - It's Gonna Get Ugly LP (Rumbletowne)
Thousandaires - Million Dollar Move, Two Dollar Shot 7"
Unwelcome Guests / Orphan Choir - Split 7" (Salinas)
Vacation Bible School / Bifurious - Split 7" (Let's Pretend / Lucky Gator)
Vacation - The Do Shit Disc CDEP (Moonquake)

For what it's worth, I'm most excited about (and - I guess you could say - highly recommend) the Shang-a-Lang collection, the Thousandaires 7", and the Vacation CDEP.

Remember that time I said that the debut full-length from Sundials would be out on CD in September (and LP in October)? Well push that back by about a month. There was a little snafu in the pre-mastering stages and things got a little delayed. I'm happy to report though that everything's back on track now and there was even a silver lining to the hold-up. The pre-mastering issue gave us a reason to revisit the original mixes and - having spent a few more weeks with those songs in the meantime - we were able to pick up on little things that could be adjusted in the mix to really make the album sound as great as possible. So, like I said, all the gears are spinning once more and now the album's going to come out sounding even better than it would have, had there never been any issues. I hope you're all as excited about this album as I am. I think it's going to find itself creeping in as a last minute addition to just about everybody's year-end best-of list.

Distro update coming tomorrow!

If you live in Baltimore, come to Charm City Art Space tonight! The Maine Coons (ex-Closet Fairies) are playing. Show starts at 7 pm!

Today's distro update:
House Boat - Processing Complaints CDEP (Moonquake)
Prizzy Prizzy Please - Chroma Canyon cassette (Let's Pretend / Joyful Noise)
Defiance, Ohio / Environmental Youth Crunch - Split 7" (Dead Tank)
Sass Dragons / Party Garbage - Snacking is For Sissies 7" (Let's Pretend)
Grabass Charlestons - When the Funk Hits the Fan 7" (Barracuda Sound)

The "Ten 7-inches for $20" Sale is over. If you missed out on it, better luck next year.

Hey, you! Do you like surprises?! Special limited-time offer! Get ten 7-inches for $20! And there's no shitty hip hop or experimental bullcrap here -you're gonna get a bunch of pop punk records and you're gonna like 'em. You can't lose!

New to the distro:
Iron Chic - Not Like This CD (includes a giant 11x13" back patch!)
Sister Kisser - Vipers CD/LP
White Night - s/t 10"
The Reaction - We Have Nothing to Lose But Boredom 10"
The Brokedowns - Species Bender CD (now shipping!)

Just got some new shirts in from The Slow Death, The Arrivals, and Republican Dick Army. You'll find 'em in the merch section of the distro (but not on the Merch page linked up top).

Also got some new records. Each copy of Ergquist's 42,069 Seconds With... CDEP comes in a unique hand-made sleeve. The same is true of two LPs we just added to the distro: Blink 182's Enema of the State and The Arrivals' Marvels of Industry. Okay, so maybe those two don't really come in hand-made sleeves, but ... you know ... they're not without their merits.

Oh yeah -and the long outta print Detention Span by the Strait A's is available once more -and this time, it's a compact disc!

The debut 7-inch from Jonesin', The Dream is Dead, is out now!

We've also just gotten copies in of the split 7-inch from Japanese Monsters and Ready the Jet, as well as the new split 10-inch from Jetty Boys and The Haddonfields.

I'm leaving for California tomorrow morning for Awesome Fest this weekend. Rumspringer, Dead Mechanical, The Credentials, The Transgressions, New Creases, The God Damn Doo Wop Band, Vacation Bible School, Unfun, F.Y.P, Toys That Kill, Stymie, Shang-a-Lang, The Slow Death, Turkish Techno and a lot more. If you don't already have a ticket yet, get on it at awesomefest4.com. If you don't already know, it's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in San Diego.

On a related note (since I'll be out of town and all) any distro orders placed after 4 AM or so tonight probably won't get packed up and shipped out until I get home on Monday or Tuesday.

Speaking of the distro... I just added a bunch of new stuff...

I've got a split cassette from Billy Raygun and Georgian, which features previously unreleased bonus tracks from both bands that you won't find on the CD version of the release.

Before he was the lead vocalist and guitarist in Sundials, Harris Mendell recorded a CDEP called Horn and Tusk that's now in stock.

Thousandaires have released a new 7-inch called Million Dollar Move, Two Dollar Shot, so if you're a fan of Jared's other bands (Potboiler, Get Bent, How Do We Jump This High?) you're definitely gonna need this record.

Other stuff includes 7-inches from Broadway Calls, Caustic Christ, The Measure, Mumbler, Onion Flavored Rings, Sun God, and Wormburner; split 7-inches from Be My Doppelganger and The Dopamines, The Ergs! and Modern Machines, Full of Fancy and Acid Creeps, North Lincoln and The Gibbons, and The Slow Death and The Strait A's; some new and restocked LPs like The Bomb's Speed is Everything, F.Y.P's Toys That Kill, No Friends' s/t, Off With Their Heads' In Desolation, Strike Anywhere's Iron Front, and a split LP from Sun God and This Moment in Black History; and last but not least, I've got the debut full-length CD from Georgian, who just wrapped up a short tour with fellow New Hampshire residents, Billy Raygun.

What Am I Gonna Do With a Gunrack?, the debut CDEP from Backpocket, the new post-punk band featuring Tim Burke (The Measure), J. Nixon (Black Wine, Psyched to Die), and Jake Berry (Animal Poison) is out now and we've got it in the distro. Go see 'em this weekend with Thousandaires in either Brooklyn, Boston, or Philadelphia.

New Creases finished recording their song for Dangerous Intersections VII (which also features Billy Raygun, The Transgressions, and Vacation). The record won't be out until late October or so, but since three of those four bands will be on tour at the beginning of the month, we'll have a special tour edition out earlier like we did with the Like Bats and Rational Anthem/Strait A's 7-inches.

The brand new debut 7-inch from Boilerman is now in the distro! It's called "Bright Young Things" and it's pretty great. Check it out if you think you can dig on some '90s style pop punk.

Oh - and speaking of great things from Chicago - The Brokedowns just threw two new songs from their upcoming full-length online! Go check 'em out and get excited 'cause this is gonna be one of the best (if not THE best) full-lengths of the year.

I'm happy to report that Traffic Street will be releasing the debut full-length for one of the best indie rock bands in the country, RIchmond, VA's Sundials. Never Settle is already in post-production and I'm fully expecting the CD to be ready to ship by mid-September. The LP, which will follow shortly thereafter, is in the able hands of the wonderful Toxic Pop.

In addition to the album, the band's also recorded a track for the Dangerous Intersections series, but in the meantime, I'd wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who's slept on their 7-inch, pick it up from the distro or hit up If You Make It to download the band's First Six Songs EP for free.

In other news, Like Bats are still on tour for another five days. They're playing Grand Rapids tonight and will hit Normal, St Louis, Indianapolis, and Columbus, before their homecoming show in Chicago this Friday. After they settle back in, they'll be recording two songs for a split 7-inch with Unwelcome Guests and - if we're lucky - they'll begin work on their debut full-length before the year's out. I've only got one copy of their Look on the Bright Side 7-inch left, so that means the repress is already in the works. By the time you read this, I'll probably be sold out so go pick it up from No Breaks if you don't have it already.

There's a lot more news over here so check back soon!

For those of you that haven't already heard...

Long story short, Stewart over at No Breaks Records shipped a box with $1,200.00 worth of records in it and it fucking disappeared. He's been trying for the last couple of months to get his money back from the US Postal Service (he had purchased $1,200.00 worth of insurance on the shipment) but as anyone that's had to file a claim in the past knows, USPS will put you through hoop after hoop, and basically do whatever it takes to weasel out of actually paying out on an insurance claim, delaying shit for years until you realize that the money's never coming and just give up.

Through No Breaks, Stewart's released a shit ton of great records from bands like Full of Fancy, The Max Levine Ensemble, New Creases, The Guts, Sass Dragons, The Prozacs, and lots more. He's also got a huge distro with great prices on tons of awesome records AND just so happens to be one of the nicest dudes I know.

The loss of that $1,200.00 was almost enough to kill No Breaks, but Stewart's been working like a mad man and pulling his shit together and it looks like he might be able to pull through and keep on. He's got a few awesome releases on his schedule (including Full of Fancy's "Liquid Nature" on vinyl!) and I'm sure he can use whatever support he can get right now.

POINT BEING... if you feel like buying some records, go buy them from No Breaks! Great records, fair prices, fast shipping -what more could you ask for?


Now in stock: new LPs from Fiya and Paul Baribeau, as well as the new split LP from Grabass Charlestons and Toys That Kill!

Another distro update. This time I've got a bunch of (mostly) Philly stuff from Evil Weevil Records, including 7"s from Big Eyes, Everyone Everywhere, Highlites, The Holy Mess, and Restorations. Aside from that I've got the debut 10" from Good Men Die Like Dogs, the State Lottery LP that I forgot to add the other day, the new split 7" from Hot Dog and Hairdos on Fire (members of Rumspringer, Shang-a-Lang, Dude Jams, and Rats & Birds), the new Lenguas Largas 7" (members of Sexy, Swing Ding, and Shark Pants), and a restock on the second Dirt Cult Mixtape, which features unreleased songs from Sass Dragons, Tenement, Troublemake(!), Turkish Techno, Unwelcome Guests, Dude Jams, and Vacation Bible School (to name just a few).

Back home. Hopefully any mailorder problems have been sorted out. Check out the distro for new stuff from Aspiga, Rations, Riverdales, Noun, The Fucking Cops, Vacation, Lucero, The State Lottery, The Fuddy Duddys, The Taxpayers, Streetside Prophet, Parkway Wretch, Kudrow, Off With Their Heads / No Friends, Personal and the Pizzas, Honky Horn and Bad Mouth / Witches, Potboiler, Wax Phantom, Gypsy, Everything Sucks, Queerwulf, I Farm, Nude Beach, Hot Water Music, and the new Dead Broke 4-way split featuring Underground Railroad to Candyland, Tulsa, The Reaction, and Killer Dreamer.

Still outta town, still keeping my head above water (or trying anyway)! Thanks for the continued support despite the lack of updates and the delayed processing of orders. Even when things get crazy like they are right now (and seem to have been for a few months now) the constant orders and the awesome emails you guys send me make everything awesome.
Awesome distro updates coming (relatively) soon!

I'm out of town for the month of July. Orders will still ship out regularly, but distro updates will be less frequent and I'll rarely have time to respond to emails and other messages. If you have any sort of problem with an order though, let me know and I'll do my best to resolve it as best I can for now (and will get 100% back on top of things once I get home in August).

In preparation for their tour this August, we've gone ahead and released New Creases' About Last Night EP on a high-tech format known as "the compact disc" - and not for nothing either. This thing's 28% smaller than a 7-inch record. Color me impressed!

We're finally caught up and back to normal -all paid orders have shipped! I've also just updated the distro to reflect what's out of stock so I won't have to write you and ask for substitutions.

Added to the distro since the last news update: Like Bats / Young Devily split cassetes, Young Devilry CDEPs, Chinese Telephones / Dear Landlord split 7-inches, and shirts from Dead Mechanical and The Transgressions! We've also still got some of those Off With Their Heads shirts too.

Insubordination Fest in a week! See you in Baltimore!

Most of the pre-orders have shipped though some are still waiting because I ordered the wrong number of posters without realizing it and am waiting on more to arrive. They should all be shipped by mid-week.

Huge distro update! New stuff from Off With Their Heads, Dead Uncles, Radon, Stymie, Kicking Spit, Pretty Boy Thorson, The Anchor, Madison Bloodbath, Sunnyside, Bouncing Souls, Banner Pilot, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Gunshy, Jack Palance Band, Leatherface, The Steinways, Detournement, Dirty Looks, Bossy, The Unlovables, Worthwhile Way, Mischief Brew, Vivian Girls, Joe Jack Talcum, Shot Baker, Landlord, The Measure (SA), The Leftovers, Kepi Ghoulie, Crimpshrine, Chinese Telephones, Bridge and Tunnel, Ben Weasel, King Friday, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, and Vagina Sore Jr!

Holy shit... I vastly overestimated the extent of my ability to handle the volume of orders with which I'm currently faced. From now on, I can't just release things as the records show up at my door because having to ship out the orders for all five of these releases is fucking killing me (and I'm about 2 weeks behind on distro updates). Once these orders and all the dust settles, you can expect what will probably be the biggest distro update we've ever done.

Also -though I hate to fucking say it -I can already tell that inevitably some of these orders are going to be a little shy of perfect. If you get your box and you're missing a download code, if you're missing some freebie that I promised you, if you ordered 2 records and you only got one: please do me a favor and give me the benefit of the doubt. I'm not an asshole (well -let's not get carried away) but I'm just totally overwhelmed. Should something be wrong with your order, just shoot me an order and I WILL make everything right. It might take me a few days longer than it would at any other point in time, but we will get everything squared away.

And with that, I'm going to return to packing and shipping everything -only to emerge from my cave in a week or so. But get excited 'cause lots of your orders have already shipped out and the rest are on the way. Keep an eye on either Facebook or Twitter. The updates I post through those appear on both and since that's the quickest way for me to post news, that's how I'll do from now until the day when all of the pre-orders have shipped.

Oh -and wholesalers: be especially patient with me. I know I said we'd get everything squared away on Monday but I promise I'll get around to it as soon as I clear away enough of these boxes that there's a square inch of visible floor in my apartment.

Witches With Dicks' American Railroads 7", Delay's Plain Language LP, and Big Eyes' s/t CDEP are all back in stock. Bigger distro update coming as soon as I have some free time!

School sucks, here's a distro update.

New 7"s include Sloane Peterson's Second Chances and Smoke or Fire's Prehistoric Knife Fight.

On CD and LP, we've got a bunch of not quite brand new stuff from Fat Wreck - Propagandhi's Less Talk, More Rock and Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes, Dead to Me's African Elephants and Cuban Ballerina, Teenage Bottlerocket's They Came From the Shadows, and Against Me!'s Searching For a Former Clarity and The Original Cowboy (the former of which is available as a double LP).

Also definitely worth mentioning is the s/t CDEP (or demo) from Dude Jams. Four songs that predate anything that you've got on vinyl. The band only had 10 or so left. We've got half of 'em and Dead Broke will have the other half once they get to NY in a couple days. Don't sleep on it.

Oh -and we've got a few more copies of Unwelcome Guests The Painter 7" (one of the best singles pretty much ever). Restocks on Cheeky records and other random stuff I can't think of at the moment also abound. Buy some records 'cause a kid's gotta pay his tuition, you know? Don't make me go back to stripping.

In Desolation, the new full-length from Off With Their Heads is now available for pre-order as promised - and we've also got the ancillary Trying to Breathe 7-inch, as well as some OWTH merch like shirts, koozies, engraved bottle-openers, and a zippo-style lighter. Pretty ridiculous, huh? Like the CD/LP, it's all only available for pre-order at this point, but it'll all start shipping in the second week of June.

We've also got the brand new debut full-length LP from RVIVR (ex-Shorebirds, Latterman, and Hooky).

Couple new items in the distro: First is the debut CDEP from The Slow Death, the band featuring Jesse and Dave of Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels, Johnny C of Rest of Us, and Mikey of The Ergs!, House Boat, and Psyched to Die. These guys have been touring relentlessly since forming about six months ago so expect a lot more to come. If I wasn't already overwhelmed with everything going on over here, I'd release this as a 7-inch in a second. I've only got a few so grab one before they're gone. Check out the song "Dirty Jokes" (streaming in the distro next to the item's listing).

Second is the new split 7" from Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels and Worthwhile Way. These are two of the last songs PBT recorded before disbanding, but hopefully there's still many more to come from Tokushima's Worthwhile Way. It's a Japanese import and yet it's only $3.50 -incredible, no?

Breaking news: life is dumb. Put another way, The Credentials CD is pushed back by two weeks and won't ship out until the last week of May.

Dead Mechanical - Addict Rhythms art and mp3s coming tomorrow!

If you live in/near Baltimore, The Slow Death are playing tonight at the art space -come hang out!

Now in the distro: Chinese Telephones' Democracy CD. This album collects all of the songs from the band's vinyl-only releases, which includes a 7-inch EP, an Art of the Underground single, and splits with Dear Landlord, The Potential Johns, Dan Padilla, and Anti-Justice. I love their full-length album, but this is definitely my favorite Chinese Telephones stuff. And since they've actually started playing again and are touring their way out to Insubordination fest next month, if you don't already own this, I'd say now's a pretty good time to remedy that!

Got another distro update for everyone. Split 7"s from O Pioneers/New Bruises, Andrew Jackson Jihad/Cobra Skulls, Kevin Seconds/Kepi Ghoulie, Kevin Seconds/Mike Hale, and Broadway Calls/Teenage Bottlerocket. A 7" EP from Boris the Sprinkler. LPs from The Copyrights, The Sidekicks, Crestfallen, and A Wilhelm Scream.

And hit the releases page to buy our new records by Rumspringer, The Credentials, House Boat, and Rational Anthem/Billy Raygun. And maybe if you're lucky, another new one that I'm thinking about posting tonight...

Pretty decent sized distro update today. Mostly new stuff, but a few restocks. Here's what we just added: The Facts 7-inch and Visibility Zero LP by Canadian Rifle, the s/t LP from Defect Defect, Can't Maintain by Andrew Jackson Jihad on CD (and we've still got it in stock on LP), the first two Alkaline Trio full-length LPs, the It's Been a Long Day LP by Smoking Popes, and a scad of Snuffy Smiles CDs and 7-inches including stuff from The Miscasts, The Thumbs, Minority Blues Band, Loser X, Pear of the West, and Practice.

If you live in the DC/Baltimore area, come hang out at Charm City Art Space on May 12th for The Slow Death, Golden West for Dude Jams on the 18th (and then at Asylum on the 19th), and definitely at the Art Space on June 2nd for the big double record release show for the new Dead Mechanical and Rumspringer full-lengths! You can find more details for all the shows over here.

Just swapped out one of the mp3s on the Releases page for the new Rumspringer CD/LP. Check it out!

So did everyone see that the new full-lengths by Rumspringer and The Credentials are now available? And the new split 7-inch from Rational Anthem and Billy Raygun? Okay good.

We've also got four new shirt designs from The Credentials and, in the distro, four CDs: two each from Troublemake and Teenage Bottlerocket.

Might I suggest that you check out the Releases page?

A whole lot of new stuff is in the works -so much so that I don't even have time for all the updates right now. Just keep an eye out 'cause lots of news is coming soon. In the meantime, I added some more stuff to the distro.

Hope everyone's received and is enjoying their Transgressions/Side Project 7" by now!

Our buddies in Off With Their Heads are gearing up to release what's gonna be one of the best albums of the year and have just posted a new song. Check it out on their MySpace page. We don't usually do pre-orders for records on other labels, but this one will be an exception. I'm hoping to have it up in a few days.

The wait is almost over -Transgressions/Side Project pre-orders ship on Monday!

Just added a bunch of records to the distro. The too-good-for-words split 7" from The Brokedowns and Sass Dragons is back in stock. We've also got restocks on Vacation Bible School's split 7"s with Bifurious and Shot Baker. Other stuff includes: full-length CDs from Tiltwheel and Pretty Boy Thorson; split 7"s from Pine Hill Haints/Trainwreck Riders, New Creases/It Good, Dude Jams/Too Many Daves, and J Church/Sound on Sound; 7"s EPs from Sundials, The Ergs!, The Methadones, Merrimac, Sakes Alive, New Bruises, and Pretty Boy Thorson; a one-sided 12" EP from Get Rad; CDEPs from Report Suspicious Activity and Dreamland; a split LP from The Copyrights and The Methadones; and another CD comp -The World I Know: A Tribute to Pegboy, featuring Matt Skiba, Shot Baker, and dozens more.

More new stuff in the distro (and lots with mp3 streams). This time we've got cassettes from Nude Beach, Down in the Dumps, Onion Flavored Rings (ex-Crimpshrine), Dude Japan, Fleshies, two Dead Broke comps, and the new mixtape from Shout Out Loud Prints featuring 31 songs (50% of which are unreleased) with bands including New Creases, The Sidekicks, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Screaming Females, Delay, and lots more.

We've also got CDs from Jonesin', The Last Chucks, Iron Chic, Fellow Project, and a comp from Diner Junkie featuring The Steinways, Short Attention, The Tattle Tales, Parasites, The Queers, Pink Lincolns, and just about ever band ever that plays that kind of pop punk.

And last, we've got LPs in by the likes of Halo Fauna, Deerhoof, Ryan's Hope, and the Credentials. Have at it.

Distro update: We've got brand new LP reissues from Jawbreaker (Unfun) and Lifetime (Jersey's Best Dancers), the new split from Brendan Kelly / Joe McMahon on vinyl, new 7" EPs from Night Birds and The Potential Johns, restocked 7" EPs from Shorebirds, Mind Spiders, RVIVR, and Sloane Peterson, new CDs from Paul Baribeau and Leatherface, as well as Imperial Can (new band from Chris of Ghost Mice and Operation: Cliff Clavin), the most recent 7" EPs from Little Lungs and Lemuria, restocked split 7"s from Ringers/Ampere and This is My Fist/The Marked Men, two LPs by The Thermals, and a restock on Shang-a-Lang's Sad Magic LP. Not bad!

So... what do you wanna hear first: the good news or the bad news?

If you pre-ordered the VBS/Doo Wop split, your pre-order ships today!

If you pre-ordered the Transgressions/Side Project split... hang in there. : /

Just got the new (debut) 7-inch from Sundials in. If you like Kudrow, Archers of Loaf, or Cheap Girls, you should definitely hit the distro and pick this up 'cause it's really good. Don't take my word for it, check the listing in the distro to stream one of the songs on it!

Speaking of streaming audio, I also added mp3s for some records by Unfun, The Sidekicks, and The Menzingers (and mp3 clips for a bunch of Red Scare CDs).

The House Boat 7-inch is selling pretty well despite not being out yet. Obviously we don't have the precise breakdown on the colored vinyl, but I think it's safe to say that if you want the most limited color, it'd be a bad idea to wait any longer to buy one. More info on the Releases page.

I really thought the two new split 7"s would have been ready to ship out yesterday, but sometimes these things are just out of my hands. In any case, I got confirmation that the last piece of the puzzle will be arriving on Friday so absent any major fuck-up, all pre-orders should ship out over the weekend.

Processing Complaints, the new EP from House Boat. Check the releases page 'cause shit's happening.

New/restocked in the distro: Full-lengths by The Dwyers and Sick Sick Birds, EPs from The Ergs! (the new Thrash Compactor 7-inch!), The Riptides, and The Transgressions.

Distro update: New and restocked stuff from Shang-a-Lang, Banner PIlot, Ringers, Black Wine, Mind Spiders (Mark Ryan of The Marked Men), Sloane Peterson, RVIVR, God Equals Genocide, Dude Jams, Gordon Gano's Army, Dan Padilla, and couple issues of Razorcake too (including the new one with the Ringers interview).

Big announcement coming soon... Probably tomorrow.

The Transgressions/Side Project pre-orders are shipping out on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully the VBS/Doo Wop pre-orders will be ready to ship soon after...

Just added a bunch of Rad Company stuff to the distro. If you're into thrashy pop punk, Ohio, or Jawbreaker covers, check out their "Carnivals" CDEP, their cassette, or their split 7" with Sok. It's all pretty cheap and we sold out of it real quick last time so -you know -get on it.

CDs just added to the distro: a new one from The Menzingers, plus The Sidekicks, The Lillington, Brendan Kelly / Joe McMahon, Enemy You, Sundowners, The Falcon, and The Copyrights... and the Swingin' Utters tribute comp featuring Off With Their Heads, Dropkick Murphys, Fucked Up, Teenage Bottlerocket, and more.

We also restocked Nate Gangelhoff's masterpiece, You Idiot, (check the books/zines section to read about it), as well as two new records from Failures' Union: the Sinker LP and a split 7" with Bedford Falls. Go buy stuff and feel better about yourself.

Also, I got the Rational Anthem songs from that split 7-inch I was talking about yesterday... these songs are going to kick your dick in. The first of the two just might be their best one ever (and both of them, recording-wise, are the best sounding they've ever done). Oh -and the art is done (and totally awesome). It's TSt-026 so we'll post everything up as soon as a couple other pieces in the Traffic Street puzzle fall into place.

Check out this story on Rumpsringer from Phoenix New Times. We shipped out the masters for their debut full-length last night and we can't wait to share it with all of you!

On another note, It's Alive put out a really awesome (and criminally underappreciated) split 7" last year featuring The Legendary San Diego Chargers (members of Pretty Boy Thorson and Dear Landlord) and Sunnyside. Despite being one of the best 7"s of the year, nobody seems to be buying it (not from TSt anyway). If you don't already own this record, it should definitely be on your list. Great records need to be listened to and enjoyed (not left sitting in a box in my apartment)!

Just added to the distro: the self-titled CD/LP from the Jetty Boys, a brand new 7-inch from The Riptides, an older 7-inch from The Hextalls, and the self-titled CD from The Shuttlecocks. It's Rally Records day!

Oh -and I also re-added a Like Bats shirt from last winter. There were only something like 25 shirts made and we sold out of the 10 that we had pretty much immediately. Or so we thought. Two of them were set aside for orders that were never paid. Enough time's passed now though so it's back to first come, first serve. Get one before they're gone.

The downloads are all back up and running -thanks a ton, Matt!

In other news, The Credentials debut LP, "Routines," has been out for about a week now and if you haven't bought it yet, I hope all of your friends are laughing at you behind your back. I don't have time for a write-up, but in short -this is the punk album to beat this year. From start to finish, this thing rips.

Did I mention that the new split 7-inch from Rational Anthem and Billy Raygun is finished and will be out this June? More details to come!

A few things I forgot to mention... 1) As usual, if you pre-order one of the new records, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a copy from the test press. 2) Our downloads section is still down. It'll be back up (and running better than ever) by sometime on Wednesday. 3) We're teaming up with The Credentials to offer their new LP in mp3 form. That'll be up on Wednesday with the rest of the downloads section. 4) New and restocked items in the distro: The Credentials' "Routines" LP, Sloane Peterson's "Knots" 7-inch, Teenage Softies' demo tape, Black Rainbow's "We Radiate" 7-inch, Boilerman's demo tape, The Roman Line's "Morning Portraits" CD, two sticker designs from The Manix, a new Off With Their Heads poster drawn by Bill Pinkel, and some other stuff that's really cool but I'm totally spacing on at the moment.

Just posted details, streaming audio, art, and pre-orders for the next two records. Hit the releases page to check everything out. FYI: The new record means renewed interest in The Side Project's New Brain 7-inch, which WILL sell out during this pre-order. As of this second, there are exactly five copies left and then it's out of print for a long time. I don't see it getting repressed for at least a year or two (if ever).

The new 7" EP from House Boat, We Are Not Fucking Kidding is in the final stages of mixing. We're hoping to get it mastered and sent off to the plant by the end of the week! For those of you who might be unfamiliar, House Boat is Grath (guitar/vocals in The Steinways and Barrakuda McMurder) and Zack (guitar/vocals in Dear Landlord and Off With Their Heads) on guitar, Ace (guitar/vocals in The Steinways) on bass, and Mikey (drums/vocals in The Ergs!, guitar/vocals in Psyched to Die, and drums in The Measure [sa], The Unlovables, The Slow Death, and Used Kids) on drums. If you don't already own their 2009 full-length, The Delaware Octopus, you should probably hit up the distro and pick it up right this second.

If that's not exciting enough for you, how about this? Rumspringer are hard at work recording their debut full-length at this very moment! The LP is slated for May 31 but there's a strong possibility that we'll release the CD even sooner.

In other news, it looks like we'll have the two new splits (Vacation Bible School / The God Damn Doo Wop Band and The Transgressions / The Side Project) out by the end of the month or very shortly thereafter. And we've also got new material in the works from Billy Raygun, Rational Anthem, Jonesin', and a few others that should see the light of day in either May or June.

One last thing: In distro news, we're now stocking the debut full-length CD from The Roman Line and later in the week we'll have the debut LP from The Credentials! If you haven't already heard them and figured out for yourself that you need to be following this band, take note! Ex-Witches With Dicks pop punk with a forthcoming split 7" with New Creases. We've already got their Consolation Prizes 7" EP stocked in the distro so be sure to pick that up as well once we get the LPs in.

That's all for now but check back soon as we let more details, artwork, and audio spill onto our releases page!

We're all about The Manix today. They're on the new Dangerous Intersections VI 7" which just came out this week and now we've updated the distro with their new 7-inch, Van Activities, (on Who Oh Records) as well as their split CDEP with Amen and the Hell Yeahs (another Dangerous Intersections alumnus)! And as if that weren't enough, we've re-upped our stock of their almost full-length CD, Stay Low and Go. This band features members of Banner Pilot and Apocaypse Meow, and if you're into either of those bands, I've got a strong feeling The Manix would also be right up your alley. Go get some records!

The Dangerous Intersections VI 7-inch is out now! Featuring new songs from No High Fives to Bullshit, The Manix, The Humanoids, and The Taxpayers!

"About Last Night..." by New Creases is now streaming in all of its four song glory at Punknews.org -check it out!
On another note, all Brokedowns pre-orders have been shipped! Because I sent so many of you other stuff in the meantime though (and often included your Brokedowns shirt, poster, and pin) I may have gotten a little mixed up on who still needed what. I think I got it all right, but if you get your order and find that you didn't get a pin or something like that, get in touch and all will be made right in the world once more.
Dangerous Intersections VI -on sale (and shipping out) tomorrow night!

The time has finally come... The Brokedowns' New Brains For Everyone LPs will start shipping tomorrow!
And because I wouldn't know what do to if I ever actually had a calm week, it looks like we'll also be getting the Dangerous Intersections VI 7"s in the next couple of days so keep an eye on the site as those will go up for sale anyday now.
Want some news that's been floating around the internet, but that I haven't said much about? New releases coming up:
1. A split 7" from Vacation Bible School and The God Damn Doo Wop Band. Special pre-release edition made for the Soviettes reunion show afterparty is already done and sitting in my living room. Regular version will be out around the end of the month.
2. New split 7" from The Transgressions and The Side Project will be out in April.
3. New 7" EP from House Boat getting the finishing touches right now. Should also be out in April.
4. Rumspringer's debut full-length CD/LP, Ouch, is slated for a May 31, 2010 release.
Watch the releases page as we'll be posting artwork, tracklistings, and streaming audio from all of these records in the coming weeks.

The About Last Night... 7" by New Creases is now on sale! Though we've got them in hand and ready to ship, we won't be mailing any out until Thursday because that's when No Breaks Records (who co-released this record) will be receiving their copies and it wouldn't be fair if Traffic Street was able to sell ours first, now would it? Be sure to also pick up a copy of New Creases new split with It Good while you're at it!

The New Creases 7-inch will be out this weekend! Keep an eye on the site 'cause we've got a super-limited version that's gonna sell out real fast. Not to mention that this record is so good, you just need to order it as soon as possible.
On to the distro update... New stuff now up from Dan Padilla, The Manix, Cometbus, Vacation Bible School, Pinhead Gunpowder, 12XU, Cheap Girls, Rehasher, Shorebirds, Todd Congelliere, and more!

Just posted all of the info for New Creases' sophomore EP, About Last Night.... Hit up the releases section to take a look at the artwork and hear a new song!

New stuff in the distro! We've got the debut LP from Black Wine, the new Pinhead Gunpowder reissues on Recess, Screaming Females' Singles collection CD, two new shirt designs from Unwelcome Guests, Don't Go Swimming on CD (we already had it on LP), UG's split 7" with Orphan Choir, plus Isaac (of UG)'s previous band's s/t 7" (White York), AND the new issue of Wet Cement!

Unwelcome Guests are playing in DC this Saturday! Check out the flier for all the details.
We've got two new shirt designs from New Creases. Take a look at the merch page and grab one for just eight bucks!

Punknews.org has launched a full album stream for the new Like Bats 7-inch, "Look on the Bright Side." Check it out here.

Just updated the distro with a TON of records. Lots of cassettes, 7"s, and LPs from bands like Ampere, Bent Outta Shape, Bossy, Black Rainbow (feat. Iggy Scam), Cass County Uglies, Diet Cokeheads, Dillinger Four, Dirty Looks, Fleshies, The Gibbons, Hot Water Music, The Humanoids, Loser Life, The Measure (SA), Off With Their Heads, Pinhead Gunpowder, Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels, Psyched to Die, Punkin Pie, Ringers, Snuggle, Toys That Kill, 24 Inch Pythons, and Vietnam Werewolf.

Hey! Look what I just found... a "label of the year" article and a short interview with the geek who runs it. Head over to The Pitch to check it out. Thanks, Nick!

Downloads are back up and running -Matt is a champion!
We've also got an awesome distro update for you. In addtion to the phenomenal debut LP from Unwelcome Guests, "Don't Go Swimming," we've got new 7"s from Stolen Parts (members of Monikers, Off With Their Heads, Jonesin', and Latterman) and Homewreckers (feat. Frank from the Unlovables and zinester/artist, Cristy Road). Not to mention the brand new 7", "Men," from Monikers -and their 2008 LP, "Wake Up." And that's all in addition to restocks on records by Witches With Dicks, The Transgressions (stop sleeping on this band -they're fucking great and you need their EP), House Boat, Jetty Boys, Project 27, The Gateway District, Jonesin', Fellow Project, and The Steinways.

Just got a heads up about a little dispute between my buddy that handles all our downloads and his hosting provider. Apparently, they pulled the plug on his account so none of the downloads are working right now. Fortunately, Matt is on top of his game and he should have it all sorted out before the week's end. So sit tight on those download codes and I'll post another update once everything's good to go.

Added some stuff to the distro including some copies of the sold out first Dangerous Intersections 7" and Brokedowns / Turkish Techno split 7". Other new stuff includes LPs from Mean Jeans, Hidden Spots, and Delay, plus some new 7"s. Hit the distro page to see it all.
In weaker news, I'm sorry to say that it's looking like The Brokedowns LPs won't be out by the end of the month afterall. Believe me when I say that as frustrated as you might be about it, I'm right there with you. I wanted to post both January pre-orders at the same time so I was probably being a little more optimistic about the turnaround on the Brokedowns LPs than I should have been. I thought I learned my lesson with the pre-order that got delayed last spring, but I guess not. I have a feeling it'll stick this time. Sorry!

Most of the Look on the Bright Side pre-orders shipped last night or this morning and the rest should be on their way before the day is through. To those of you whose pre-orders won't ship yet because you also bought the Brokedowns LP (which isn't ready yet) expect an email with your Look on the Bright Side download code within the next 24 hours. No sense in delaying your enjoyment of the Like Bats record just because you were swell enough to also order the Brokedowns record, right? Who ever said life's not fair?

Like Bats pre-orders are shipping out in four days. We've also got a few Like Bats shirts, which you can find on the merch page. They're from a really limited batch made for their short winter tour which wraps up tomorrow in Cincinnati. I think there were only 29 printed, so grab one before they're gone.

HUGE SALE now in progress! Click on "YEAR END SALE" from the distro page for incredible deals on just about everything we carry.
The wait is almost over. Hit up the releases page to pre-order the new records from Like Bats and The Brokedowns!

Still busy with school so I've got to keep this short. Here's what's up point by point.
The new Like Bats 7-inch and Brokedowns LP are on track to be out in the first week or two of January.
Dangerous Intersections VI and the New Creases 7-inch are coming in February or possibly very early March. There are a lot of other records that also fall in that timeframe, but more on those later.
Just added The Sidekicks "Weight of Air" CD to the distro. Look up the price any other distro is charging for it, cut that in half, and it'd still be more than what we're charging for it. Recognize a deal when you see it, sucker. We'll also have Brokedowns t-shirts available later in the week. There's probably also some other recently added stuff that I forgot to post about so go look around.
Oh yeah, and we're launching some pre-orders and other deals on the 26th for you to burn up your Christmas money on.

Just added both now-classic Steinways full-lengths to the distro as well as one of the best EPs of 2009 -The Dopamines' Soap and Lampshades 7".

The tour pressing for Like Bats' Look on the Bright Side 7" is done! Keep an eye on their MySpace page for details on their tour later this month.
In the meantime, hit up the distro for new records from Iron Chic (anybody else been looking forward to this for as long as I have?!) and The Credentials (new pop punk band from Boston; ex-Witches With Dicks!). We should also have the new House Boat album stocked before the week is out. And I don't think I mentioned it before, but Sass Dragons' Bonkaroo! was finally released as an LP and we've got that awesome slab of wax as well. Oh yeah -and we've also got a bunch of Ergs LPs and CDs! Ha -I think that about covers it...

New LPs for sale! Andrew Jackson Jihad - Can't Maintain; Banner Pilot - Collapser; Canadian Rifle - Visibility Zero; and Snuggle - Zero Real Hearts!
We've also got the new Art of the Underground Singles from Stymie and Noise by Numbers, as well as a new Bloodbath & Beyond EP!
I've been listening to that AJJ record nonstop the last few days and I can't wait to get home and spin the new Snuggle. So many good records... This last month has been awesome.

Four incredible new releases just added to the distro! From Freedom School, Cheeky's "What the Heck?" LP, and from No Idea, three split 7"s: The Copyrights / The Brokedowns; The Ergs! / The Measure (SA); and The Marked Men / This Is My Fist!

Back from Fest! Here's what's up:
Like Bats new EP, "Look on the Bright Side" is done and awesome as shit. It's getting mastered this week so it probably won't be out 'til January, but you can count on an early tour-edition being ready in time for their little outing next month.
New Creases new EP, "Can't Snap" is just about at the same place. I was told earlier today that it'd be done before the night's end so long as they didn't get the bottle of gin someone was talking about picking up. In any case, it can't be too much longer! Should be out right around the same time as the Like Bats record.
You heard it here first! The Brokedowns' 2007 Thick Records-released full-length is finally coming out on vinyl courtesy of Traffic Street and Cassette Deck Records. If we're lucky, they'll be done before the year's end and I'll trek out for Ian's Party. Fingers crossed!

Other shit's in the works, but those three are at the top of the pile. Keep an eye out for more news regarding a whole lot more and -in the meantime -check out the distro for a demo from Nightbirds (ex-Ergs!), a discography from Down in the Dumps, the leftover Traffic Street FEST shirts, and new stuff from Landlord, The PG-13s, Sister Kisser, The Methadones, and more!

It took a little while, but I'm happy to say that we've finally got the debut EP from New Creases stocked! Check out the distro to hear the song, "Covered Bridges," and to pick up this awesome CDEP for only $3! If you don't like this CD, I'll seriously give you your money back. That's how good it is.

Just realized we're not sold out of medium and extra large Rumspringer shirts after all. So yeah, if you're interested in those, go hit up the merch page of the website. We still have them in youth large and small as well.
We've also got some new records stocked in the distro. For starters, there's the new Get Bent "Dead It" 7-inch, as well as a split 7-inch from Sunnyside and The Legendary San Diego Chargers (members of Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels and Dear Landlord). Full songs streaming for each of those, so check 'em out.

Like Bats news update! The CDEP is out and all of the pre-orders shipped earlier in the week! And now, the band is putting the finishing touches on their next record -a yet to be titled 7" EP that we're hoping to have out in time for their December/January tour. Hopefully, we'll get the art together some time soon so you can all take a look at it. Anyway, it'll be three songs written and sung by Mike and a fourth written and sung by Kyle. I'm really excited for this and I think all you should be too.
We've also got some new stuff in the distro (and some more audio streams for stuff that was already in there. In new records, we've got a split 7" from Long Island bands Jonesin' and Fellow Project, plus the swan song EP from North Lincoln. They're calling it a day this December, so this will be the last thing you ever hear from them. Be sure to see 'em at Fest or make it out to one of the other shows they've got lined up before they throw in the towel. As for older stuff, we've got the first two full-lengths from The Brokedowns. "New Brains for Everyone" might be their best full-length to date, but these ones are definitely worth checking out -especially 2006's "These Colors Don't Run (The Musical)."

Apparently, this is the week of the distro additions. New records (and full song streams) just added for Turkish Techno / The Anchor, Dude Jams / Too Many Daves, Tim Version / Used Kids / Pretty Boy Thorson / Ninja Gun, and Infected.

Just added to the distro: new records from Psyched to Die, The Arrivals, Grabass Charlestons, Drunken Boat / Dan Padilla, Paint It Black, Pinhead Gunpowder, and restocks on Cheeky and Potboiler.
Like Bats pre-orders ship out on monday!

In addition to adding some more audio and tweaking the layout a bit, we've updated the distro with some more new records. Just added -the debut 10" EP from Bored Games, as well as split 7"s from Tenement and Used Kids, Lefty Loosie and Pear of the West, Shang-A-Lang and Sex Advice, and Street Eaters and White Night. I haven't gotten too into 'em yet, but upon first listen that Lefty Loosie / Pear of the West split, in particular, seemed like a really, really good record. Check it out!

We're still in the process of updating out new website and today we've launched what I think is probably the most exciting update. We're now offering streaming audio for more than 100 records in the distro. See something you've heard good things about but not sure if you'd really like it? Well now you can hear it without even having to open a new window. Full songs for all Traffic Street releases, as well as some Dead Broke, It's Alive, Muy Autentico, and Dirt Cult releases. And we've got short clips for tons of other stuff. The audio players next to each record are even color-coded so you know whether you can hear a whole song or a clip. And we'll be updating it as time goes on to include even more audio for even more records.
And check back tomorrow for some new records that we'll be adding to the distro later tonight!

Just got word that one of our favorite bands is about to record their first full-length record! In less than two weeks, Turkish Techno will have finished recording for what's sure to be one of the best full lengths of 2010 (or maybe '09 if we're lucky?)! Traffic Street's not putting out this one (that'd be our buddies at Muy Autentico, Dirt Cult, and Wolfdog, who are split-releasing it) but seeing as how we love this band so much, we'll have it fully stocked in the distro and available for pre-order as we get a little closer to the release date. Keep an eye out and don't miss their set at The Fest!
In other news, we've just added two awesome new releases to the distro: Shang-A-Lang's "Sad Magic" LP and the Wrister/North Trolls split 7" -pick 'em up if you haven't already!

I'm happy to announce that Traffic Street has another awesome release on the horizon! New Creases are hard at work this month recording 3 new songs for a 7-inch EP, which we're hoping to get on all of your turntables before the year's end! The band previously released an outstanding five-song CDEP -much of which you can hear over on their MySpace page.
And if all of this wasn't exciting enough, this will also be our first split-release! We're teaming up with No Breaks Records, whom you might know for the awesome records they've done with Wrister, North Trolls, Full of Fancy, and Sass Dragons (to name just a few). In addition to drawing the cover art for a lot of his own releases, Stewart (of No Breaks) is also responsible for the Dangerous Intersections IV cover art. So (assuming we can bend his arm a little) you know this is going to be a great looking record!

As you can probably tell, the new website has finally launched. If something doesn't look right or isn't working correctly, it's probably because I'm making an adjustment to it. Hopefully, everything will be up and ready by the end of the night.
If you've got any suggestions, feel free to send 'em my way!

I just realized that, as of 9/2, Traffic Street is one year old!
Well, that was the day I actually started working on it anyway. (If you wanna count it from the day of our first release, that wouldn't be 'til January 3rd). Still, it's pretty crazy to think we've been at this for a whole year.
Thanks are due to way too many people to name (but if you're reading this, you're probably one of them)!

We're running a pre-order for the Like Bats CDEP -order now and get a free 4" canvas patch with the same art as the cover. Speaking of which, check out the releases page to see the cover art!
In other news, Turkish Techno got added to the Fest! If you haven't seen 'em live, be sure to catch 'em 'cause they don't get out of California all that often and they're one of the best live bands I've seen in recent years. Lead vocals are split between all four members, tons of energy, and just a whole lot of fun to watch. Don't miss it!

Sale! For a limited time, the Rational Anthem / The Strait A's - Use Your Delusion I 7-inch is only $3.00 and the Rumspringer / Sleep Like a Log - Split 7-inch is only $3.25! We've also unearthed 9 copies of the first Dangerous Intersections 7-inch so grab one of those if you haven't already.

We're happy to ship anywhere in the world, but if you wanna save on postage, Traffic Street releases are also available internationally through:
Different Kitchen (United Kingdom)
Eager Beaver (Tokushima, Japan)
Hyper Enough (Mie, Japan)
Recordshop Base (Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Snuffy Smiles (Kyoto, Japan)
SP Records (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Yo-Yo Records (Germany)