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I’m a Fucking Artist, Guys

"I'm a Fucking Artist, Guys." 12/14/12. Pen. 2x3".
“I’m a Fucking Artist, Guys.” 12/14/12. Pen. 2×3″.

I was sitting in someone’s coin-out [rehab graduation ceremony] and feeling a little upset over a girl [shockingly out of character, I know] and trying to do something productive. I had zero ideas though. I mean, once you’ve made ten or eleven pieces, what is there really left to do as an artist?  “What do other assholes draw?” I thought.

Campbell’s soup cans! Because it’s like… really clever, right?? Really, I just figured it was one of the few things I stood a chance at drawing somewhat recognizably.

When I was done, I wasn’t upset anymore – which means that this cartoon has basically the same story as HALF OF THE OTHER stuff I’ve made.

Which is cool…


Just recently, I realized that I stole this caption from Dear Landlord. Right before Dream Homes came out, Zack posted something online about the tracklisting being changed. The song “Bong Hits” was instead going to be titled “Rosa” because – as he put it – “We’re fucking artists, you guys.”

But the song – if any – that I might have thought I was ripping off is by Barrakuda McMurder.  It’s off Traffic Street’s 32nd release and has what’s probably my favorite title ever. Stream “Oh My God, You Guys, My Job Is So Annoying And My Life Is Seriously So Hard (You Guys)”  on Bandcamp.

Shoot me an email if you wanna buy this drawing for $2,000 (or a 4×4″ print for $50).

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