Press inquiries, exhibition offers, and questions about pricing and availability of my original paintings and drawings (as well as limited edition hand-numbered/signed prints of my work) can all be directed to my agent, Jennifer Levin, with the below contact form.

If you wanna get in touch with me directly… it’s not too hard. Click the Facebook or Instagram logo to your left or just drop a comment somewhere on the site. I’ll see it and (so long as you’re not a total boner) almost definitely hit you back.

You can also check out the Sammy thrashLife webstore on Blow the Dust.


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  1. Sam was cool, open-minded, friendly and a good conversationalist. Almost as goofy as me, still think about him and hope he’s okay form time to time.

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Sam struggles with borderline personality disorder and heroin addiction. When not on drugs, he has his art and writing to thank for it.