I Wish I Could Get Everyone to Stop Waiting

"I Wish I Could Get Everyone to Stop Waiting." 6/7/13. Tempera and pencil on paper, cut up and rearranged. 12x12".

“I Wish I Could Get Everyone to Stop Waiting.” June 7th, 2013. Tempera and pencil on paper, cut up and rearranged. 12×12”.

This was the last piece I made in my Wednesday night “Art of Recovery” group, before moving to Jacksonville.

The text says, “I wish I could get everyone to stop waiting. They’d rather die than try something new and risk being happy.” It’s about the people in my life caught in patterns of addiction, codependency/enabling, and other kinds of mental illness. Or, rather, it’s about my own frustration in not being able to help/change/save them. It’s about the way we have a tendency to think things like, “Once [this] happens, then I can do [that], and THEN I’ll be happy.”

I know that if I can’t be happy now, regardless of my current situation, there’s nothing that could happen that will make me happy. Happiness comes from within and has nothing to do with external factors outside of my own control. In that sense, this piece is very much an echo of the sentiment (as I’ve interpreted it anyway) in the opening song on one of my favorite records. The chorus is: “What does your dream home look like? It’ll take you years to even tell, and I’ll be sleeping well, here in hell.”

This statement isn’t from June. I just wrote it. So I still know these things, it’s just that I’m having trouble applying them. I’m gonna give it my best shot today.

7 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Get Everyone to Stop Waiting”

  1. When I got this piece, it made me think about the past 8 years and how I’ve told myself…once I graduate from undergrad/law school/pass the bar/get a job/get a promotion/gain experience so I can get a better job/move…THEN I’ll stop being destructive and start being happy.

    SO, what I’m ultimately trying to say is that you couldn’t have gave this one to anyone more appreciative than myself! Thank you.

    1. This makes me smile a lot.
      My initial write up mentioned how when I started this, I did it knowing that it’d be for you, but I second-guessed it ’cause of the implication. (Although, it should have occurred to me that – with that lawsuit and all – anonymity in this regard is probably a lost cause, huh?)
      Anyway – thanks again, Margo!
      See you in a week! (right?)

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