Warrior Princess

I just saw the shirts that I drew up for Lipstick Homicide and… I’m a little bummed out that they’re inverted and kind of want to know who’s responsible for fucking that one up. Those b/w-art-in-a-white-box designs that I do are about as easy to *not* fuck up as it gets.
And I know it doesn’t matter where along the line it got fucked up and that I shouldn’t care anyway, but… I don’t know. It’s a bummer when you spend some time on something, turn it in, and this happens.
Or maybe – if this is an issue to me – I should take that as an indication that my life must be pretty wonderfully worry-free lately if things like this so much as register a blip of concern.



Also, how did the A in “POMONA” get lost?

Anyway, this is only partially mine. I mean, I drew it, but it’s one of the only things (or maybe the only thing) where I was told pretty much exactly what to draw.

4 thoughts on “Warrior Princess”

  1. if they had used discharge ink, it wouldn’t have mattered that there were big blocks of ink on the shirt, since that ink bonds with the cotton and becomes the shirt after it’s heated…regardless, cool design!

    1. I think it would have been fine either way. One of the two new Rational shirts I did is like this and it came out well. but i dont think this was done for this reason, i think it was just inverted accidentally. But yeah – now that you mention it – discharge ink would be cool for shirts like this one. I just found out about it recently, but we used it for those limited “For God So Loved the World” shirts I got last month.

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