(Satanic Torture) For Andy


“(Satanic Torture) For Andy.” 12/18/12. Pen on scrap. 3×4.5″.

Ritual satanic torture is the #1 cause of death among Americans aged 4 to 14.

After the Sandy Hook shooting, a friend of mine overheard someone say that “more kids are probably killed each year by ritual Satanists than by guns, but you never hear about that on the news.”

I thought it was funny so I drew this cartoon later that night (while sitting in a twelve-step meeting). I’m really good at recovery.


Status update: Everything’s going really well so far at Dave Strait Fest. It’s been a good night. I just had to creep away for a minute (as I sometimes do) to “recalibrate” a little bit…. I’ve got plenty more to say, but I think I’m done being an awkward, antisocial weirdo (for the time being) so I’m gonna pop out of the shadows and get back to it.

Sealed prints are available in my webstore. "For Andy" print [image]

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