Website news (9/23/13)

A few things going on with the website.

  1. Prints are now sold sealed in archival sleeves (with thick backing boards) rather than in glass-fronted frames. I adjusted all of the prices in the store to reflect the change. Whereas a print of “Stand Up and Say No” used to come out to $24.98 after framing and S/H, it’s now listed at $13.99 with no additional fee for S/H.
  2. Lots of content on this site was published as typed. I didn’t spend any time editing for strength and I fell victim to a “more is better” mentality. From now on, I promise to take a little more time and not pad my artist’s statements with anything that I wouldn’t be interested in reading from someone else.
  3. I deleted a few categories in the store to make it more navigable. And I added pages exclusively for Recently Added and Now On Sale.
  4. I’m toying with the idea of not posting artwork in the blog at all and just posting the statements on each image’s page. (Go to the Gallery and click on an image if you don’t know what I mean). What would you think of that?


Here are some entries that have been revised so far. Let me know what you think.

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