Powerless Over Flexeril

"Powerless Over Flexeril." 3/15/13. Marker. 9x12".
“Powerless Over Flexeril.” 3/15/13. Marker. 9×12″.

I wrote a statement about this piece after I finished it:

Awoken by pain at 5 AM this morning, I was given a heating pad and a Flexeril (a drug which I have not been prescribed). Lying in bed, I started this drawing and continued until the pain subsided enough that I was able to get back to sleep. I finished later that afternoon on the ride back home from my outpatient group at Tranquil Shores.

In case you’re wondering, neither my integrity nor my recovery were at all compromised by my decision to ingest a Flexeril. If you think that’s at all questionable though, let me assure you that I am totally happy for you!

I only bring it up to clarify that this title is tongue-in-cheek.



I’ve been insanely busy the last few days, getting all of my stuff ready for Artwalk in Jacksonville next week. I’m happy about it insofar as it’s put a fire under me and gotten me to work on editing my statements (since I’m putting printed copies in the sealed sleeves along with each print). I’m aiming to have around 50 different prints ready for sale so that means 50 statements. The less fun part is all of the tedious presentation stuff. Putting the prints in the sleeves, cutting thick backing board into the right size for each print, formatting the statements in Word to be the right size for each piece — stuff like that. It’s cool though; I’m going to feel really good about it when it’s all done. (Only four days left to go).

One thought on “Powerless Over Flexeril”

  1. Boy do I understand that…about making and packing prints….Why don’t they make standard size canvases have the same aspect ratio as standard size mats and frames!!!!You always end up having to crop part of the original art in order to make them fit standard sizes. What a pain in the A$$. Smart move putting the stories on the back of each print. Not sure where you are getting your prints made but I know someone who used to own a print shop and has all the equipment to make art prints and giclees and he is reasonable priced…(and a punk…he fronts the bank Powerball and his name is Mitch Gerganous. Look him up on Facebook and let him know I recommended you.
    Lisa Paulger (The Blue Moon Bazaar)

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