Walgreens is Dicks; I’m Irresponsible

"Walgreens is Dicks; I'm Irresponsible." 10/11/13. Tempera, oil pastels, collage. 6⅔x8⅔".
“Walgreens is Dicks; I’m Irresponsible.” 10/11/13. Tempera, oil pastels, collage. 6⅔x8⅔”.

I don’t have anything written for today but it’s midnight and I’m gonna hate myself if I don’t keep my promise (mostly to myself) of “new content everyday.” And I DID make a new piece today so even without a statement, this is still something (piss poor as it may be on its own).

I pulled over to the side of the road to make this update. I’ll round it out later with the story. And I also have a couple really strong updates planned, but obviously this isn’t the moment for them. Hopefully, I’ll do better tomorrow. Life is busy/hectic sometimes. That’s no excuse but it’s at least a bit of an explanation.

I’m a little disappointed with myself but this is at least something. Whether or not that’s actually worth anything…

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