Bring Me a Kids Menu … I Am Twenty-Seven

"Bring Me a Kids Menu ... I Am Twenty-Seven." 1/13/13. Crayon. 6x4½".
“Bring Me a Kids Menu … I Am Twenty-Seven.” 1/13/13. Crayon. 6×4½”.

In honor of the crayon drawing I sold yesterday, here’s another that I made seven days later. At Tranquil Shores, Sunday is the day you can request permission to receive visitors or (once you’ve been around for a bit) to leave property with visitors for an hour or two. The Owens [my adoptive/surrogate family] came to visit me every chance they got and – this particular week –  we went to a kinda-nice restaurant… not so nice as to not have crayons and placemats for children though.


I sold this drawing the same day that  I painted “Spotlight on Mental Illness.” I thought it was a tremendous compromise when I offered it at $20, but I was so beaten down that I was willing to accept anything. I let it go for $6.12.

tipjarI made a Facebook Event for my art show’s “opening.”

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