How I Make My Soup in My Belly

I’ve got this group show coming up and, last night, the organizers hosted a reception for the artists to meet each other. One girl was in another room most of the night but I did eventually get to know her a little bit when she asked if I’d like to sit down and draw with her. As it turns out, she just tagged along and isn’t actually participating in next week’s show. Although (while I’m not sure if she meant “professionally”) she did tell me that she’s an artist.

She ALSO told me that she has two nannas (who are both very nice), that Madelyn and Mikaylyn are twins (her favorite twin is both of them), and that she likes to make her own soup in her belly. Yeah, right.  “How do you do that?” I asked incredulously. “I eat sweets and vegetables and that’s how I make my soup in my belly.” I had to concede. That’s a dynamite soup recipe if I’ve ever heard one.

So Marley’s pretty great and I’m not saying that just ’cause she gave me some of her drawings.

Marley's drawing for me. (I'm an idiot; I forgot to ask the title).


Is it just me or is this way too close-for-comfort to my art (considering it was drawn by someone who won’t be starting pre-kindergarten for another eight months)?

In any case, I DON”T MEAN TO BRAG but I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least a year or two before she catches up to me in terms of technical ability. I mean – she’s good, but not Sam’s-motor-skills-are-fully-developed good.

Here’s the picture I drew for her.

"How I Make My Soup In My Belly." 1/4/14. Crayon, pen, and marker. 8x10"
“How I Make My Soup In My Belly.” 1/4/14. Crayon, pen, and marker. 8×10″

Shit… Looking at these side by side… If I’m being honest, I think the only real difference is that she got bored and moved on to another drawing (and then to dancing, and then to showing me some toys, and then to watching TV) in the time that it took me to draw mine. Focus might be my only edge over Marley… If she gets a Ritalin ‘scrip when she starts school, I’m gonna be shit outta luck.

Oh well. No use in worrying today about what may or may not happen tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “How I Make My Soup in My Belly”

  1. She really loves art. I was going to bring her “real
    artist” stuff with her however I didn’t want to make a bunch of
    adults feel…..inadequate. 🙂

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