New year, new plan

So much for new content every day… January was insane – in ways both good and bad. And things still haven’t slowed down so I’m not quite ready to get back into the swing of regular updates. This whole “artist” thing is becoming more of a full-time job, my personal life’s been incredibly chaotic, and that doesn’t add up to much free time for me to play storyteller / blogger…

Here are the bullet points:

  • I broke up with my girlfriend.
  • I bought a van.
  • I’m going to spend 2014 traveling to different cities, meeting with gallery owners, and trying to schedule shows all over the US (or at least the east cost).
  • When I’ve got a show somewhere, I’ll stay in that city; when I don’t have a show, I’ll be on the road trying to line some up.
  • Right now, I’ve got galleries in mind in St. Pete, Sarasota, and Jacksonville. As it gets warmer, I’ll make my way further north.
  • Last week, I finished my largest painting yet and delivered it to a gallery in Delray Beach. The painting is called “Modern Art is Stupid; EVERYTHING IS.” (I neglected to actually get a photograph of it before I left town but it’s PRETTY SPECTACULAR). The gallery is called Ettra and is located at 149 NE 2nd Ave. The main room is about to be reconfigured to include it but, in the meantime, it’s hanging in the back so you can go check it out either way.

That about covers it… The other pieces I did this month were exclusively small ink drawings in line with other stuff I’ve done while traveling. (I can’t even tell you how many cities I’ve been to these last few weeks (though that traveling was all just personal stuff)). I’ve also journaled a lot this month but – given the circumstances – it’s not the kind of material I’m ready to put out into the world yet because I don’t want to be too inconsiderate of anyone else’s feelings. I’ve also had a veritable shit ton of wacky adventures but that stuff’s all a little delicate too so… I’m gonna hold off ’til we’re a little ways down the road.

I’ll post some of my new artwork soon and try to get back into the habit of keeping the site updated but things are still hectic logistically so… sit tight.

2014’s gonna be rad as fuck. Let’s go.

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