Status update 4/5/14

It kinda figures that in a week when I’ve experienced some of my best emotional highs, I’d also have my first episode/freakout in months. And then have another. And another. The phrase that keeps coming to mind is MENTAL ILLNESS HOT STREAK. I’m painting some funny faces about it though and everything’s cool for now.

I don’t ever reach out to anyone when I’m going through something tough but I’m lucky enough to have friends that are consistently wonderful enough to me that it doesn’t matter. Friends that are aware of and friends that are completely oblivious to what I’m going through both hit me up and help balance me out, whether they realize they’re doing it or not. I’m very lucky.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have already seen a photograph with a half-finished new painting of mine in the background. In either case, I finished it on Tuesday night and I’ll be posting a photo sometime after I get back to Jacksonville.

I’m in Sarasota right now for the premiere of No Real Than You Are. I’m not gonna be doing a pop-up show down here after all, but if you wanna get some prints off me while I’m in the area, hit me up tomorrow or Monday. I gotta get back to Jacksonville by Wednesday ’cause I’m doing OneSpark after all. (Not as a creator, I’ll just be set up at Burrito Gallery with a table of prints outside and some original paintings hanging on the wall inside).

And hopefully, by then, I’ll have this newest painting finished too!

Here’s a screenshot of one of two shirts (both of which are adaptations of existing art of mine) that I designed for Rational Anthem’s next tour.


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