Bloomington —-> St. Louis

Yesterday was fucked up. Today was cool. It’s 2 AM and I’m on my way to St. Louis ’cause Rational Anthem are playing Dekalb, Masked Intruder are playing STL, and I’m a capitalist, opportunist, little fuck.

So – two nights ago in Lexington – my feelings were hurt by something a friend said to me and I let it fuck up my emotional well-being (which has been pretty shaky lately anyway). When I woke up in the morning, I was still a mess and I got some pretty bad ideas in my head – so bad that I was incredibly hesitant to share them with anyone even after I pulled my shit together. So – of course – like most of the thoughts I’m most afraid to share, I put it out into the world. LOUD. (I wrote it on my fuckin’ T-SHIRT). Which made a few people uncomfortable and a few more really proud of me for being so honest. Which made me feel better / less ashamed but still… Even though it’s already out there, I’m hesitant to spread it around anymore ’cause it’s embarrassing and makes me out to be way more fucked up than I (usually like to think I) am.


The new Masked Intruder record is really great.

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