Last night in San Diego

I’m so stressed out and I’m not totally sure why. I can identify stupid little triggers but none of them provide sufficient justification for the way that I’m feeling. I’m too tired to even write them out. Maybe what’s really behind this is that – with Shitty Children’s real California adventure coming to a close – I’ve got nowhere to be. My time in Chicago can (and probably should) end just as soon as I get back. I have to move on to the next thing / city and I’m not totally sure what / where that ought to be. I feel relatively comfortable in Chicago and I’m afraid to give that up for uncertainty and a sense of being an unwelcome presence in a new place. But I’m not interested in wearing out my welcome in Chicago either. And I don’t want to grow stagnant there. I need to progress and I need to get out before I run out of clever things to say.

Say somethin'.