6/2015 progress report

OKAY – SO… A lot’s been going on. Legally and art-wise. Let’s get the bad news out of the way.

The prosecution in my case was, at one point, offering a deal that would keep the felony off my record so long as I satisfactorily completed two years of probation. Before accepting that offer, my lawyer filed a motion (on my behalf) to suppress the evidence against me (which, had it been successful, would have meant there was no case against me and the charges would have to be dropped). That motion failed and now the prosecution has revoked their earlier offer. At this point, the best they’re willing to give me is my choice of two years probation or thirty days in jail but – regardless of which I choose – the felony will be on my record. Which would be problematic should I ever get caught up in a similarly silly kind of situation or if I ever want to use my degree and practice law. My next court date is July 1st and I’m hoping that, with the additional letters and documents I’m submitting, the prosecution will reconsider and let me take the earlier deal.

In similarly bad news, I’m currently in Chicago and had been planning on setting up to paint and sell prints downtown each day when the weather is nice, just as I did here last summer. Today, however, a cop told me to pack my stuff up and threatened to take me to jail if I didn’t. This despite the fact that it’s the same exact spot I used more than fifty days last year without any cops ever doing anything more than stopping to look at my art. Print sales are a significant chunk of my income and nowhere have I ever done better than downtown Chicago in the summer. So losing my spot here is a pretty big deal.

Luckily, I’ve still got Vito at MP Shows who lets me set up at night at the venues hosting his events. It’s nowhere near as profitable but it should at least keep me afloat and I’m super grateful that he’s been so accommodating. Here’s a picture of me drawing at the Worriers show the other night. 

In better, brighter news, after I got kicked out of my spot downtown, I spent the day meeting with galleries in Chicago and it went pretty well. Ann Nathan will be exhibiting one of my paintings, I’m in the process of scheduling a solo exhibition at Dreambox Gallery (to begin later this summer), and am in talks with several other galleries (both in Chicago and elsewhere) regarding potential exhibits a bit further into the future.

And my newest / still-in-progress painting is coming along really well. Here’s a picture of me just after starting it, in a park in Normal, IL. (I promise it looks much more exciting now that I’ve spent some more time on it).

That’s all for now. If you’re in Chicago, you’ll be able to find me at the upcoming Sundials, Toys That Kill, and Angel Lust shows. If you’re in Milwaukee, I’ll be around up there the whole week of Dummerfest.

If you’d like to write a letter to the court on my behalf, feel free to get in touch. No matter what happens, I’m still grateful to have such great friends, fans, and supporters. You all make it possible for me to have this amazing life of freedom, traveling around the country, making and sharing my art. I can’t thank everyone enough.

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