thrashBike 2.0 [in progress]

My scooter was stolen a couple weeks back. As my sole means of transportation, it was pretty upsetting.

Luckily, I have some phenomenal people in my life who are way too good to me and now I’m hard at work tuning-up, cleaning, and painting another one. It’s spent the last nine months sitting in a garage and it looks like I’m gonna need to buy a new battery, but I was able to get it running today (without stalling out at all) so I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a slightly different model than my old one but still a 1986 Honda Spree, which means I can continue to take pride in my scooter being older than I am and what (little) I learned about my last one still applies.

I was in the process of fixing the last one when it was stolen, so the side panels were off at the time. So long as I still got ’em, I figure I’ll put them on this bike and smile about it.

This is the right side panel. I painted it back when I still lived at Tranquil Shores.

The left side panel was already featured in an entry (on the day that I re-painted it with different colors), but what the hell

Here’s the left panel (on my first scooter, before it was stolen).


Here’s the new bike, sitting in my kitchen, directly behind my chair as I type this.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m gonna paint all the other (white and teal) parts, but I’m having fun with it already. It feels good to take care of something. To pick it apart and really clean it up. It’s nice.

So nice that I’m okay with this being my only post today. (!)

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