“Regular” update coming in a minute, but since I’ve been working on the scooter all day…



After cleaning/sanding everything…

  • I took the teal floorboard off and spray painted it black, then did a really light coat of red on top of it.
  • I used red spray paint on the headlight casing, then scratched it to shit with sandpaper, then did a light coat of black a little bit more red. I did pretty much the same with the front wheel cover.
  • I did two coats of neon yellow on the front steering column plate before adding a little neon green. Next, I’ll do some outlines in black (faces and other nonsense).
  • I hand-painted the rear turn signals with neon green. They look kinda shitty but not in the way that I want (like the other pieces). I might be able to fix it with a couple more coats, but I think the paint might just not be right for it so I might do something else.
  • I still need to figure something out with the seat. Grey and teal isn’t doing it for me.
  • I did a little bit of custom nonsense to the instrument panel but since I didn’t take the little inner plate all the way out, it was kind of tough and I didn’t wanna risk fucking it up. I opted to go really basic and just black out most of what was there. I left the two circles on the speedometer so I’m not totally in the dark (they mark 20 and 30 mph).
  • I sandpapered the fuck out of the metal rack in the back. It was thoroughly coated in rust but it’s lookin’ pretty good now.
  • I still need to clean up the wheels and the exhaust. I’m also gonna paint the casing on the taillight. Probably the front turn signals too (I like the way they look from the front, but not from the back).
  • There’s a 50% chance I put the front turn signals on the wrong sides (but the battery’s dead so I’d have to take it outside to kickstart it if I want to find out). I hope not!
  • The panels from my old scooter fit on this one (as you can see) but don’t totally line up properly. Besides, I don’t think they look that great on it. I think I might paint the white/teal ones that came with this scooter and use those instead.
  • Still debating on whether I wanna cover the whole thing with wacky bullshit or just limit that to the side panels and the yellow/green one in front.
  • You see that jug of tea on the table in the background? It’s actually filled with ten month old gasoline!

The house has been a mess since I got back to town. Now that this thing’s at least reassembled, I’m starting to clean up a little bit.  It’s a big relief and I’ll feel even better once I’m done. I feel uneasy when things are out of place. Like Heather’s gonna stop loving me.


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