That Time I Fucked Over Rational Anthem in the Desert


In conjunction with my interview with the band (published in this month’s issue – #76), Razorcake Online just published a short story I wrote about one particularly ridiculous day on our tour back in 2009. You can read it on their website or you can even download it as an eBook! Technology, huh? Scope it out here.

One note: if this were written today, it’d have a radically different tone. My perception back then was pretty out of whack. I trust that you’ll be able to see through the author’s bullshit and identify the real villain and the real victims.

Update: The reviews are pouring in! (Via text messages).

Chris Hembrough says: “The desert story is really good. I got mad and then kinda sad and then kinda smiley .”

Dave Dillon says: “Read that story, its really great. I remember you saying you were writing it a long time ago. We’re hitting the road now. Youre going to fest right?”

Pete Stolp says: “Dude fantasy draft is going down right now.” [But he wasn’t on that tour so fuck him].

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