Bad Weekend

"Bad Weekend." 10/24/13. Pencil, pen, marker. 6x6½".
“Bad Weekend.” 10/24/13. Pencil, pen, marker. 6×6½”.

Like Bats 2013 fall tour posterLike Bats left to start their tour late last night. Though I recently made some adjustments to the cartoon I drew for them (for use as a tour poster) I was up before 6 AM this morning, so I figured I’d draw another cartoon inspired in part by one of the songs on their upcoming EP.

When I checked back in at Tranquil Shores (after getting kicked out) in October 2012, Like Bats had a show in Tampa just two days later that I was (consequently) unable to go to. It wasn’t until a month later that I found out they stopped by Tranquil Shores the next day to try and visit me. (Since I had just been readmitted, I wasn’t allowed visitors yet and they were turned away).

It’s been years since I saw Like Bats play live and I’ve never even met Matt and Alec, who stepped in when Kyle and Joey left the band. Seeing them play and seeing Mike and Dave (who’s on tour with them as usual) is one of the things I’m most excited about for next week.

It’s been a strange morning. (“Strange” being code for “I don’t feel like acknowledging what’s going on). When I first went outside today, it was early enough that it was still dark. And it was cold enough that I had to put on my jacket for the first time since February. I sat outside with coffee, pop tarts, cigarettes, and punk rock and thought about how much I missed rehab. A few minutes later, I realized I was sitting in some really shallow self-pity. I didn’t even know that I was necessarily upset, but I was embracing anything that made me feel sad – and reveling in how tragic it all felt. I was enjoying it in that way that kids like us do but – at the same time – I knew that a well-targeted attack/word could probably pull my pin like the Death Star and reduce me to a puddle – which would certainly take the fun out of it all.

I texted with a friend for a little bit and then drew this cartoon. I think I’ve got a grip on my day now.


If you’re in any of these areas, go see Like Bats this week. They’re one of the best bands in existence today.

  • 10/24- Boston, MA @ Fort Warner w/Peeple Watchin’
  • 10/25- Hartford, CT @ Whitney House
  • 10/26- Brooklyn, NY @ Lulu’s
  • 10/27- Bethpage, NY @ Mr. Beery’s w/ Iron Chic
  • 10/28- Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space w/ Sick Sick Birds
  • 10/30- Greenville, SC @ CFR
  • 10/31- Gainesville, FL / The Fest
  • 11/1- 10/31- Gainesville, FL / The Fest
  • 11/2- 10/31- Gainesville, FL / The Fest
  • 11/3- 10/31- Gainesville, FL / The Fest @ 1982
  • 11/4- Athens, GA @ Flicker Theatre and Bar w/ Two Hand Fools

Here’s the first song I ever heard by Like Bats; it’s called “Lousy” and I love it as much today as I ever have.


If you missed it, go read the short story I wrote that Razorcake posted on their website yesterday. It’s about me fucking over Rational Anthem in the desert.

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