Dear Jacksonville (flier for my first art show)

A flier I made to promote my show. 10/29/13.
A flier I made to promote my show. 10/29/13.
Some photographs I took tonight while setting up my art show at Sun Ray Cinema.
Some photographs I took tonight while setting up at Sun-Ray Cinema.


Last week I got a package from Taylor, which included a book called “Selling What You Make.” It wasn’t really the information in the book as much as its tone… I read about forty pages before I decided that I needed to get up and make something happen. Why wasn’t I trying to get stores to sell my prints or hang my paintings? I went to a few places downtown and a bunch more in Riverside trying to talk somebody into letting me do something. I was feeling pretty okay about the general responses I got early in but – when I decided to take a chance on the movie theater – I was kind of stunned. I only told a few people over the weekend ’cause I had a hard time accepting that it wasn’t going to fall through for some reason; It just seemed too cool to be real. The theater’s owner, Tim, took a look at some prints that I had brought with me and told me that I could come back on Monday to hang up (pretty much) as much of my artwork as I wanted (and after looking at all of them today, whichever pieces I wanted as well). It’s gonna be on display for the next month and I couldn’t be more excited (or grateful – for the opportunity from Tim, as well as the inspiration from Taylor).

Between the photos and the flier, you can gleam a lot of this info but… Sun-Ray Cinema is at Five Points in Riverside (at 1028 Park Street). And not only do they play movies, they’ve got an awesome kitchen and the seats in the theater have tables. It’s a really cool place and it’s been around since the 1920s. And it’s only a mile or so from my house. I guess it’d be cool to have a show at an art gallery, but an independent movie theater gets way more traffic and (probably) gets a crowd that’s a little more likely to “get” what I do. So – yeah – really, really excited. Tomorrow, I’m gonna flier the fuck out of this city and contact all the arts/weekend papers. Tonight, I’m gonna go to bed!

5 thoughts on “Dear Jacksonville (flier for my first art show)”

  1. Hey I ran I to you in the pulix shopping center and got your flyer. I just wanted to let you know this is awesome and your work is great! I am actually only in the area a few days but am going to try and stop by your show and check it out! ( I am actually a mental health and substance abuse therapist for teens and I relate to lots if your stuff and am sure “my kids” would too!) keep up the great work (your art and yourself!)

    1. Thanks, Shannon! I really appreciate that.
      Whether you get a chance to stop by Sun-Ray or not, you can always keep up via Facebook, Email, Instagram, or any of the other half dozen options…
      But – yeah – thanks again for the kind words – really awesome. : )

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