I was looking at my “year in review” according to Facebook. It was pretty cool but I’m not sure it totally captured 2013’s significance for me.


warhol parody campbell's soupLast year, 2012: In August, I began treatment at Tranquil Shores, which included expressive art therapy. In October, I realized that I enjoyed art. In December, I accepted that I was “a fucking artist” (sort of).


In January, I met Heather.

"4-Hydroxybutanoic Acid Talent Show." 2/16/13. Acrylics on cardboard. 18x28".

In February, I completed my inpatient treatment plan at Tranquil Shores and moved back into the outside world.

"Court Dating." 4/15/13. Colored pencil, watercolor, marker, and pen. 9x12".


In March, I decided I wanted to make a serious attempt at finding a way to be a full-time artist without compromising exactly what I wanted to do and create. I sold art at street fairs and launched my first webstore.

In April, I began making and selling prints of my artwork.

"Muggle Problems." 5/20/13. Pencil, watercolor, and pen. 16x20".

In May, I launched a successful online campaign to determine if my plans were at all realistic and raised the resources necessary to dedicate myself to art / writing full-time.

In June, I auditioned for a movie, got the part, and then moved to Jacksonville with Heather, into my own home for the first time in more than two years.

"Smoke All the Cigarettes." 3/16/13 + 5/3/13. T-shirt.


In July, I filmed the movie and launched sammythrashLife.com – through which I’ve shared my artwork and writing every day since.

Still Sick (The Illest) [image]

In August, I went on tour with Rational Anthem and reconnected with the punk scene I’d disappeared from.

In September, I finally settled/stay put in Jacksonville for a minute and made (what I feel were) important strides in the development of my style and technique as an artist. I also developed a new system for (profitably) packaging and selling art prints and statements.

Dear Jacksonville [letter]In October, I began promoting myself around Jacksonville and got serious about finding opportunities in the area.

In November, I had my first art show and sold record numbers of original pieces and prints.

In December, I further improved my system for prints and statements, figured out the logistics for publication of my first book, and achieved such tremendous financial stability that I took Heather out to eat burritos and it’s not even her birthday.


Note to Self or: A Pile of Red Boxes Dances Along to the Raging Spiritual and Moral Conflicts That Rattle His (Presumably) Cardboard Bones [image]



This was the best year of my life. I worked really hard so I’m not gonna give all the credit away but there were a lot of people that helped. Other people make a difference in my life every day. If you bought artwork from me, if you sent me an email about something that affected you, or if you just “liked” some of my work on Facebook… I’ve had days where any one of those things was enough to make all the difference. I’ve got support coming at me from a million directions and… thank you.


If you’re curious, here’s what Facebook says was a big deal in 2013: Sammy thrashLife’s Year in Review.

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  1. I’m so happy for your local success!! It was good to see
    you “guerilla vending” at RAM. If I hear of any opportunities I’ll
    pass them along. It sounds like you had a great year!

    1. I was actually just handing out stickers. I brought the one print with me just as a display and as a response to the people that ask “what kind of art do you make?”

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