Dog’s Blood is an Excellent Laxative

"Dog's Blood is an Excellent Laxative." 3¾x5". Pen. 1/25/13.
“Dog’s Blood is an Excellent Laxative.” 3¾x5″. Pen. 1/25/13.

Let’s play a game! Can you sort out which is the truth and which is fiction?!?

  • The real subject matter of this piece remains far too personal and sensitive to disclose. Centuries from now, it will be the subject of fierce debate by art historians and scholars of all stripes, the world over.
  • I am retarded.

2 thoughts on “Dog’s Blood is an Excellent Laxative”

  1. We bought a print from you (shit fits happy faces) at one spark. Just wanted to tell you how much I love it. Framed and proudly displayed. You are very talented.

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