Winter Colors

I could describe my day in a way that’d sound horribly tragic and it’d be totally true. Shit – I could frame my entire life in such a way that it’d sound really awful…

But… as much as I feel like a crybaby in this moment – as stressed as I am right now – I know that the other truth – the one in which my life is awesome and I’ve got nothing but good things to be grateful for… it’s a better story and it’s better for me. And like I said, it’s totally true.

So – with an eye toward focusing on the positive – check out how happy this kid is….



And that’s from just earlier today!

I posted that photo on Instagram a little bit ago with the caption: “The (former) police officer and the KING OF THE SUPER PUNKS had a few disagreements when they first met last January. But *today* Robert bought a painting from his friend, Sam, who happily posed for a photo before he parted ways with the piece, less than 48 hours after its completion.” That was after Robert had posted it on Facebook with the caption: “I am now the proud owner of an original Sammy ThrashLife canvas! He is an intelligent (went to law school) and talented artist I’ve had the pleasure to get to know; he creates edgy works via stream of consciousness and drawing upon his emotions at the time.”

And all of that’s really awesome. It means a whole, whole lot to me. This little art thing I do… it’s my life. It’s saved my life. It’s brought people into my life. It’s made me a better person. It’s made it all worthwhile.

It’s what I do when I’m feeling down – to pull me out of that and get me back to a better place… it takes me places I never used to go.

Here’s one of my very first pieces, from November of last year; I made it one night when I was feeling especially depressed and suddenly (well, by the time I finished it HOURS after I started) I wasn’t depressed anymore.

"Winter Colors." 11/26/12.  Sharpie, colored paper, kids paint, pencil, hair dye, and glue. 12x18".
“Winter Colors.” 11/26/12. Sharpie, colored paper, kids paint, pencil, hair dye, and glue. 12×18″.

In the past, when I’d felt as I did that night, it was an occasion to do way too much heroin. A few times in an attempt to fatally overdose, other times to just not have to exist for a little while. But – you know – I was in rehab so it seemed like the thing to do would be to maybe just create that image. It’s a mixed media collage – can you see the little cartoon syringe that I drew and glued onto my arm? The caption says, “Is blue a good color on me?”

Here’s a song I like a lot.

“Rejoice despite the fact this world will hurt you. Rejoice despite the fact this world will kill you. Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds. Rejoice because you’re trying your best.”Andrew Jackson Jihad


Numbered, signed, and sealed 12×18″ prints of Winter Colors are available in my webstore.

If you’re interested in the original piece, please get in touch.

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  1. Did you make a print? I really like this one. Hey and
    congrats on being part of the 1904 Music Hall show. You’re breaking
    into the “real local art scene” not the snobby one. I’ll try to be
    there….hope you made prints!!!!

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