Status: January 11, 2014

Rain. Tent started leaking. Put things under the table for cover.. Moved some paintings inside. Ground was flooded when I got back. A lot of stuff is very likely damaged. Trying to figure out whether the appropriate respond is to kill myself or to just laugh it off.

Right now, all I can really manage is to smoke cigarettes in the rain, listening to The Credentials with a blank expression.


2 thoughts on “Status: January 11, 2014”

  1. If that is the worst show you’ve had (due to the rain
    element) consider yourself an official working artist! Hope it went
    better after I saw you there. After 15 years doing this I’ve had my
    tent completely fly end over end in a field in the storm even
    though it was weighted down on each leg with 35 lb concrete blocks
    and 4 people were holding onto the poles!!!… .Here’s a tip for
    future outdoor events….you can get clear plastic painters tarps
    that are 12’x9′(but will fit in your pocket) at the Dollar Tree and
    put them over your entire table and secure them with binder clips.
    People can still see your artwork but it won’t get ruined from the
    rain.They also are great for instant tent walls.

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