Delray tonight!

My painting on display at Ettra sold, so I’m headed down to Delray Beach for the weekend to drop off some new ones and to collect MY RICHES. This is the first painting I’ve sold out of an “actual gallery” so it’s a little bit of a milestone for me. It was just a year ago that I started selling my art and just a year ago that my pieces were selling for about 1% of what this latest one went for. Which isn’t to suggest that this is some one-off fluke; things have been moving in this direction steadily for some time now. I’ve worked hard to be where I’m at in such a short time and I’ve taken a lot of chances. I’m grateful to everyone that’s supported and encouraged me because I couldn’t have found the courage and strength to do all of this alone.

Anyway, it’s nice and cool up here in Jacksonville but I’m pretty sure that it’ll be brutally hot once I get to south Florida. In the interest of my not melting into a puddle overnight, I think it might be a good idea to reach out to friends and ask for a little help, rather than sleep in my van as I have been doing. I think I’ll be in Delray for three or four nights, so if any friends can offer up a couch, floor, etc on which I can lay down my little bones at night, that would be awesome.

And if anyone has a line on any punk/indie/folk/rock shows (or other events) in the area, at which the venue or performers might be amenable to my setting up a small table to display/sell some prints, that’d be great too!

I love you guys. Life is rad. Punkrockneverstop.

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  1. This is fucking awesome news. Keep enjoying life man. It is good to see things working out so well for a friend.

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