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Maybe It’s Okay to Be Happy

"Maybe It's Okay to Be Happy." 2/27/14. Acrylic paint and ink. 16x20".
“Maybe It’s Okay to Be Happy.” 2/27/14. Acrylic paint and ink. 16×20″.

I’m too fulfilled. Too many things are going my way. IT’S KILLING MY ART.
Or… maybe it’s okay to be happy?

I painted this yesterday. I was tempted to kick around my head until I could find/invent a problem but – ultimately – decided to just let it be. Things are okay and I guess that’s okay.


The exhibit at Burrito Gallery is all set up. I’ve got twenty-four pieces up on the wall and prints (of a little more than half) out for sale on the counter.

"Amazon Wishlist." 12/19/13. Acryic paint and food coloring. 18x24".

I still have some stuff at Chamblin’s Uptown as well. Five originals up on the walls and just under a dozen prints of different pieces out around the cafe area. Although – apparently – one of my paintings is too offensive for anyone to exhibit… You won’t find Amazon Wishlist hanging up anywhere around Jacksonville anymore.

Today, I’m headed out to Gainesville to participate in an artwalk at the Civic Media Center. I’ll be back in Jacksonville at some point this weekend, at which time I’ll start putting up new fliers all over Riverside and downtown Jacksonville. And this Wednesday, I’ll be at Burrito Gallery for Jacksonville’s Downtown Artwalk.